My Essay Writing Routine for University

My Essay Writing Routine for University

This study year I’ve had to write way more essays than study for actual exams (the perks of doing a Research Master in Law and B.A. in Philosophy of a Certain Scientific Field, haha). Although I’ve already made a couple of study routines, they are not very relevant when it comes to writing essays. Writing essays is a completely different process than studying for exams of course. Because so many of you asked me if I would like to do a video about essay writing, I decided to share my essay writing routine for university with you guys today. This video is extremely helpful if you’re writing a paper, essay or thesis! Hope you enjoy!


You can see my whole essay writing routine in this video. Hope you liked it! If you did, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel here if you don’t want to miss any future videos. Down below I’ve summarized all my personal steps and tips when it comes to writing a paper, a thesis or an essay.


My Essay Writing Routine for University

1. Start with reading a cornerstone article or book

So the first thing you’ll need to do is start reading the cornerstone article or book for your research. Most of the times, our professor gives us a book or article to start with our essay. It’s important to really read that piece carefully, because most of the time it’s a good way to understand the topic properly. If the professor doesn’t provide you with any guidance, try to ask for some recommendations or tips from him or her after class or by email.

2. Do Research + more reading

After reading the cornerstone article or book, it’s time to do more research and reading. Try to find good, scientific sources for your essay (and maybe use Wikipedia at first if you don’t understand the topic at all. This always happens to me whenever I need to write an essay about a new philosopher). I usually use Google, Google Scholar and Legal Databases provided by our university.

3. Write down important parts from your research

Now that the research part and reading part is done, it’s time to start writing. Whenever I’m reading, I always like to already start writing down importants parts I want to feature in my essay later on. This way you will read more carefully, you will already have written down something on paper, and you won’t feel like you’re starting from scratch. Don’t forget to write down the source and page number of the quote as well! You will thank me later, haha.

4. Make a structure for your essay

Next up is one of the most important parts: creating a structure for your essay. A well-structured essay is a must if you want to nail it. If an essay has a bad structures, most of our professors won’t give a higher grade than a 6/10. The most important thing is that your essay’s conclusion should answer the research question or hypothesis. I always like to create a research plan to get me started, that consists of:

– Introduction
– Research question
– Structure of the essay
– Conclusion/Opinion?
– Sources

5. Find writing inspiration

After you’ve finished making a structure for your essay, it’s time to write, write, write. For a well-written essay, it’s essential that you find writing inspiration. Personally, I always feel inspired to write when I’m drinking a nice cup of soy vanilla latte on my couch. If I really have to write ‘tough’ parts, I go to the university library to really focus. Just find out where you feel most inspired to write!

6. Check and re-read

Last, but not least make sure you have enough time to check and re-read your essay. I personally find this a tedious process, but it is extremely important. If you don’t take the time to check or re-read your essay, chances are that you will miss some mistakes, you would’ve seen otherwise. It’s also possible to ask a friend to read your essay (or even re-read each other’s essays!).


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  1. May 1, 2017 / 11:16

    This was super helpful as I am starting to write my thesis! Thank you Lilia!

    • Lilia
      May 23, 2017 / 09:48

      You’re so welcome :)

  2. SylviaAndr
    May 3, 2017 / 12:49

    This is super helpful, but I wish your blog was different than your videos. Otherwise there is no point to follow both.

    • Lilia
      May 3, 2017 / 12:57

      My blog talks about things more in depth than my videos. If it was completely different it would be weird :)

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