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I wanted to make this blogpost for ages, but I kept forgetting it. I’ve collected some new stuff over a long period of time that I wanted to show you. And yes, after this haul I’m also going to do a Barcalona haul… And probably also a Greece & Turkey haul, because I’m going there right after I come home from Barcalona… (I’m already home by the way from Barcalona, had an amazing time there!) I know crazy stuff, wanderlust and shit! Anyways, I got a bit sick and I don’t feel that well… Really tired + soar throat, not fun stuff :(. I need to get better quickly though… And I need to blog a loooot, because I have material for like 30 blogposts. I know, I need to start writing more, haha. So yeah, if you’re interested in the stuff that I’ve bought recently (minus my Barcalona stuff), keep reading!


First of all, I’m going to talk about my favourite piece. I almost cried when I saw that my mom got this for me. She actually has this top herself and she also has it in a dress variant/model. And yeah, it’s a real Alexander Wang piece. I would never ever ever dreamed of having an Alexander Wang top at the age of 19 (almost 20 though…). Like what? I know, I have the sweetest mom ever and I know I’m going to rock this top loads. It’s simple, but you can definitely see that it’s a designerspiece, because the fit/model of this top is so unique. You would never find something like this at H&M or something. The black colour makes it very toned down, but the cutouts make this top sexy, because it shows your skin, while it does fit a bit boyish/masculine. The top is still sophisticated, because of the white lining and the material it’s made from (it’s a blazer kind of fabric), so it still looks chic and not trashy, despite having huge cutouts. Yeah, you could say that this top is a real paradox, and that’s what I love about it! Definitely the most beautiful piece I own in my closet. I also wore this top to Amsterdam Fashionweek, so if you want to see how it looks on, click here.


I also did some shopping at Brandy Melville, of course. I bought two tops that I really liked. The first one is this white one. It looks really simple, but don’t let the front fool you!


‘Cause the back is open! It falls really pretty and I think this top is amazing to rock in the summer, when you’re tanned (or not as ghostly white as I’m usually am). The top is made from very heavy, soft cotton material, so it flows really nicely when you move your body, haha. Yup, all the stuff at Brandy is always so soft, that’s one of the reasons why I love this store so much.


The second shirt that I got at Brandy Melville I’ve been eyeing up for a while. I saw it loads on their Instagram, but every time I was at the store I couldn’t find it. Now I finally did! It’s a loose croptop with a round neck. It has a little pocket, which is really cute I think. But also with this shirt, the reason why I bought it is the back.


How badass is the back of this shirt huh? I really like it, I think it’s sporty and edgy. Only stupid thing is that I left this shirt at one of my friends’ house, and he’s on holiday now, so I can’t make an ootd with it for a long time… Luckily I have a lot of outfits still coming up! And ooh, this shirt is also made from really heavy, soft cottony material, like all the Brandy clothing :).


I was looking for mom jeans for aaaages, but they never suited me. But when I went to the Pull & Bear and saw these babies, I know I found them. Pull & Bear never lets me down when it comes to jeans or shorts, so I knew that these mom jeans would fit me like a glove. And they did! I think mom jeans are really awesome, because they’re high waisted, a bit boyfriend-ish, but also still relatively skinny as well. Yeah, I totally love them! Actually, I already ripped this pair up, so when I will post the outfit on my blog, they will look a bit more destroyed ;).


I also got 2 pairs of leggings. Really strange, but I actually didn’t own any pair of black, cotton leggings. I know, really strange. So the leggings on the left are just black, cotton leggings from H&M. They’re really comfy and they’re perfect for dance class, or underneath an oversized sweater. I know a lot of girls don’t like to wear leggings while showing your ass, but I actually don’t mind it that much, I think it looks actually pretty good and effortless (if you don’t pair it in a slutty way or something).

And now onto the fucking awesome leggings. They are leggings from the clothing line of The Weeknd, XO Official Issue. It took a while to get the package, but it was worth it, because I’m totally in love with them. They’re so badass, and they are perfect to wear to dance class. I just love The Weeknd so much! She reppin’ XO ’til the death.


I also got 2 jewellery pieces. I got some earcuffs from H&M. They were actually identical, but I removed the chain from the right one, because I wanted 2 different ones. I actually wore the one with the chain to Fashionweek as well :). The rose gold bracelet is also from H&M, and I love how simple and dainty it is. It looks really good together with my other daily armswag.


I’m totally not a clutch kinda of a person. Or small bags in general for that matter. Only time when I use small(er) bags is when I’m on holidays and I don’t have to carry shitload of stuff with me. But when I saw this baby, I HAD to have it. A lippy bag? How awesome is that? It made me think of my best friend Okkie, ’cause we were always fantasising that we wanted the Dali lips couch, haha. This bag totally looks like that, only it’s waaay cheaper (and smaller haha). It comes with a longer strap as well, and I already took some outfit photos of it (thanks Okkie <3). It’s from H&M by the way.


And these are all of the beauty related things I got. I got the MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Light. I wanted to try this powder for a long time, and I’m really glad I bought it. The colour matches me perfectly (it’s a bit on the light side for me now because I’m tanned), and the texture of the powder is really nice. I’m going to do a full review about it though soon.

I also got some Mattifying Oil Control Papers from Catrice. They’re just regular blotting sheets, and I think they are really handy to use when you want to get rid of a greasy face and you’re on the go.

The last thing that I got is this small Tangle Teezer. Tangle Teezers are the best brushes ever. I want to thank the person who invented them personally, ’cause it really changed my life. Brushing my long hair was a pain in the ass and when I was younger I literally cried ’cause it hurted so much. But with this brush, detangling my hair never hurts anymore. It also doesn’t break that easily, so I don’t have so many split ends as I used to have. I already owned the original one, but I wanted a smaller version, the compact styler, to carry around in my purse. I actually got the exact same one for Okkie her birthday previous year as well, but I loved it so much that I wanted to buy one myself since. Now I finally did. I mean, it looks so cool, just like a gold nugget right?


I hope you enjoyed this haul! I’m really happy that I got it ‘out of the way’, because these things have been laying around in my house for ages and now I finally can give them a nice spot haha. Also, I don’t really like posting outfits of stuff that I need to haul first, so now I’m glad that I can incorporate these pieces in my upcoming outfit posts. So yeah, be on the lookout for a loooot of ootds haha!

xo Lilia



  1. July 29, 2014 / 19:43

    Wat een hoop leuke dingen heb je gekocht! Wat super lief van je moeder dat ze je dat shirtje heeft gekocht 🙂 En ik ben het met je eens, een legging kan je best zo dragen hah.

    • July 29, 2014 / 22:02

      dankjewel! ja echt zo lief van dr! en ik ben blij dat je eens bent met die legging haha, dacht dat ik de enige was.

  2. July 30, 2014 / 14:02

    Gave items heb je gekocht! Super lief van je moeder dat je die top hebt gekregen, hij is erg tof. Je zult er inderdaad vast veel plezier van hebben!

  3. lanna payne
    October 13, 2015 / 03:58

    Where can i get these XO leggings im dying to have em

    • Lilia
      October 15, 2015 / 23:03

      In the official XO store! xo

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