Today I have a new haul for you, yay! I’m going to show you all the stuff that I got in Barcalona, when I was there a couple of days (weeks? I dunno already, time flies…) back. I got quite some stuff, but no ridicilous amount or something. Which is good, for a change haha. I thought that I would do a lot of shopping here in Rhodes and Turkey as well, but as it turns out, there isn’t anywhere to shop here, haha. I did buy 2 little things when I was still in Holland (oops…) and I also got a little present from my mom. Well, it wasn’t a real present ’cause my mom got it for free and she didn’t want it. But still, it’s really cool! I will show you those 3 items later, don’t know when. So yeah, enough rambling, let’s get into my Barca haul!

I’m first going to start off with the stuff I’m most exciting for: Urban Decay Naked palettes! Omg, you don’t understand how badly I wanted the Naked 3 palette. It looked so pretty! Unfortunately, you can’t get it in Holland. When I saw hundreds of them in the Sephora in Barcalona, I knew one of them had to be mine. Isn’t she totally gorgeous? I love all the rosy shades! If you’re interested in a tutorial with this palette, let me know! I’m definitely going to review her as well :).
I also got the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. I actually already owned this one, but I was starting to hit pan on 2 of my favourite colours (I use it everyday!), so I wanted to buy a backup. I think this palette is the most practical palette ever. It has matte colours and a shimmery highlighter, which is perfect, because I like my eyeshadows to be matte except for my highlight. I almost feel like this palette is made for me, haha. I think I’m going to review this baby as well, just because it’s one of my favourite palettes ever.
Urban Decay eyeshadows are pretty expensive, but I feel like they’re totally worth it. Their colours never disappoint me and I feel like they always have unique yet wearable shades.
Okay, now onto fashion! The first thing I got is this croptop with hole detailing from Topshop. Funny fact is that I got one of my favourite croptops ever from that Topshop in Barca as well, 3 years back. I already know that this is also going to be one of my faves as well! I love the high neck and the cool hole detailing of this top. Yup, definitely a good buy!
Next up I got these two tops at Zara (left) and Bershka (right). They both have really cool open backs. I especially love the gold chain, I think it’s really unique. I’ve never seen something like that before and the style kinda reminds me of Alexander Wang. Simple, masculine yet unique and sexy. It’s also double lined, which gives a really pretty effect. I don’t think these photos give the top justice, because it looks way prettier on (luckily I already made some outfit pics with it!). The biggest reason why I bought the Bershka shirt is because of the text. They are lyrics from the song Wanderlust from The Weeknd, how cool! I was like, okay Bershka, you definitely did a good job by selling The Weeknd inspired stuff!
A girl cannot have enought cutoff shorts right? Well, with that in mind, I bought this super high waisted shorts from Pull & Bear. Pull & Bear is my favourite store when it comes to bottoms. They have amazing shorts and jeans. I really liked the fact that these were bleached and had ripped detailing. But the best part is that these shorts are really, really high waisted. They make your figure look so good! Definitely recommend them if you want shorts that come over your bellybutton.
You know that I’m totally not a sale shopping girl, but I have to say that I was still pretty proud of myself for finding this bargain. I found this amazing oversized coat at Pull & Bear for only €16! Like what? €16??? That’s nothing! I was searching for an oversized, blazer like coat for ages, but I could never find one that would look good on me. I actually wanted a baby blue one from Choies, but it was always (literally ALWAYS) sold out. Although I’m sad that it’s not baby blue, I really like this colour as well. It looks like grey, but if you come up close you can see that it’s actually light brown. A colour like this is of course way more wearable than baby blue. So I’m really happy with this coat anyways. I think it’s the perfect fall coat.
The last thing that I got is this bracelet from Brandy Melville. It has a pretty green/minty stone that matches my necklace from Brandy Melville that I already had. I love small, dainty bracelets, so when I saw this one, I knew it was the perfect addition to my daily armcandy.
All my new stuff together! I hope you enjoyed this haul, which one was your fave? Mine was definitely the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, just because I wanted it for such a long time! I’m now going to put a lil’ bit of make up on and grab my book (part 12 of A Series Of Unfortunate Events) and do some tanning. This is actually our last day in Rhodes, tomorrow we’re leaving for Marmaris in Turkey! Have a nice day guys.
xo Lilia


  1. August 6, 2014 / 12:15

    Hele leuke aankopen! Klein dingetje; het is Barcelona met een e i.p.v. een a 😉


    • August 6, 2014 / 12:22

      Wow, mindfuck, ik dacht altijd dat t barcalona in t spaans en engels was! xo

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