Okay guys, I know. A haul. Again. I just saw too many cute things to pass when I went shopping with my mom previous weekend. You understand right? How could I not get something at Brandy Melville, after not being there for like almost a year or something, despite the fact it’s my favourite brand? Now you probably understand haha! Anyways, I also wanted to check out the new Forever 21 and the new Pull & Bear in Amsterdam. I’ve been a couple of times in a Pull & Bear in Barcelona and Athens, and I thought it was a great shop! Especially they’re bottoms (shorts, jeans) are amazing. I’ve only been once at the Forever 21, and that was in Dubai. I really liked it there, it was definitely one of my favourite stores I’ve visited. Well, I’ve talked enough about shit now haha, let’s go to the stuff that I got!

I’m gonna talk about my new jewellery first. I wanted a necklace with a crystal like this for a very long time, and I was really glad when I saw this one at the Brandy Melville for €10. I like the fact that it has a rosegold chain and that it’s not too big. I can layer it together with my other dainty necklaces and it doesn’t look like too much. Yeah, definitely a good buy, I’m gonna wear this necklace loads!
I also got this dainty gold bracelet from Brandy Melville as well. It was €5 and I love how it looks with my other bracelets. Lately I’ve been more into dainty jewellery pieces in stead of statement necklaces. Maybe that’s because everybody like statement necklaces at the moment, and I’m a hipster, haha.
The last jewellery items that I got are from the Forever 21. I was so pumped to go to the F21, but I didn’t like it at all. I thought the clothing wasn’t original, way too flowery and not swag a.k.a. my style at all. It was a bummer, because I liked the F21 in Dubai so much :(. Only thing that I got was this earcuffs with a pair of studs. I actually got it only for the earcuffs, ’cause I didn’t care for the studs. Unfortunately when I opened the bag, one of the earcuffs was gone, so I ended up with only one. Blehh. Luckily it was only €2,90, but it still sucked.
I also got this dress at the Brandy Melville. It’s from a very soft, heavy jersey material and it’s so comfortable! That’s why I love Brandy, I just want to hug myself whenever I’m wearing one of their clothing pieces, haha. It’s the same with this dress, haha. I’m not a dress kind of person, but I’ll make an exception for Brandy Melville dresses. They’re dresses are so casual, and look amazing in the summer with bare legs and some sneakers. I love the fact that this dress is so simple, because I don’t like to wear dresses that are really girly and shit. haha. It was €24 I think, but I’m not totally sure!
I also got this cropped tee from Brandy. Again, it’s so fucking soft. Like I can’t even. I just wanna sleep with it, haha. I love the v-neck of it and the fact that it’s pretty oversized, but still not too oversized. I don’t know the exact price, but I think I bought it for €16.
Last thing that I got are these shorts from Pull & Bear. I think P&B has the best shorts EVER. I already own a purple/pink dipdyed/studded one (haha yeah there’s a lot going on with those shorts), but I wanted a ripped one as well. These shorts were perfect! Only thing is that they are just a bit too big. 34 was a bit too wide and 32 was too tight. And of course there isn’t a size 33. So yeah, I went with the bigger one, because I don’t like to wear too tight clothes in the summer. The shorts were €29,99.
I hope you enjoyed this 9399489384th haul, haha. I know that I’ve been going cray cray with the hauls lately, I kinda need to tone it down a bit. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather today! I did, ’cause I went skating for a whole hour! Now I’m off to danceclass, so talk to you later!
xoxo Lilia


  1. May 20, 2014 / 21:27

    Oeh wat leuk! Heel tof shortje inderdaad, perfect geripped 🙂

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