I’ve been shopping, I’ve been shopping (you need to read this as if you’re Queen Bey)… But I did buy some awesome things! This is going to be a collective haul of some stuff that I bought online and other items that I just bought in ‘real life’. I’m especially excited that I finally got my hands on a Real Techniques product and that I had to chance to visit Flying Tiger (it’s a really cool shop that sells random stuff, from make up to notebooks), because I’ve never been there before. I got some beauty, fashion and lifestyle items, so this haul is definitely versatile! So if you’re interested in my new shit, keep reading :).

This is everything that I got. Just look at all that rose gold prettiness together. I can’t even.
The first thing that I got is this rose gold basket from H&M Home. I have an all white errthang interior going on, but I thought that it would be nice to add some rose gold-ness to it as well. I just love rose gold jewellery, so why not incorporate it in my room as well? I bought this basket with the idea of using it for magazines. Instead, it turned out to be way smaller than I expected it to be. Luckily I had some books laying around that I could use the basket for. I think it looks really cute!
Even more rose gold goodness. I also got this adorable yet pretty useless decorational dish/plate/box. Don’t know what to call it, haha. Anyways, It’s total eyecandy. I love the rose gold (duh) detailling and the glass top that you can remove. It definitely looks really expensive, not like something you can find at H&M Home if you ask me! I use it to store my favourite rings by the way.
I also got this rose gold lantern at Flying Tiger. Kinda stupid, but I actually broke one of the glass parts of the lantern when I was travelling :(. Luckily it’s not that noticable. It was freaking cheap (€3!), which is so awesome. Things like this can be so expensive sometimes!
I got even more home decor at Flying Tiger, this letter ‘L’ to be exact. I think letters can look so cool as decoration in your room, so when I saw this one I had to get it. And yeah, L because it’s my first letter, duuuh, haha. I think it looks really badass in my interior. I did spraypaint it white though, because everything looks better in white (lol only when it comes to home decor haha!).
Okay, last home item! I got this cute geometrical candle (right) from Flying Tiger. I think the candle looks really cool and futuristic. I also like the ensemble of the white candle from Zara and my flowery lamp from Ikea. I think they look pretty good together!
Now onto fashion! I only got one fashion item and it’s this navy striped tee from Zara. I actually never wear stripes, I only own one striped top that I don’t like that much. But lately, I’ve been digging the stripes trend way more, so I thought it was time to invest in a basic piece (I know, this is totally the opposite of my personal philosophy to never buy basic pieces, lol). The tee is really soft (aka Brandy Melville soft!) and I think I’m gonna pair it with my white Nike Janoskis and my beige trenchcoat.
The last thing I’m going to talk about is beauty related. I finally got my hands on the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. It was constantly sold out, so when they called me that they had arrived again, I immediately grabbed my bike and bought one, haha! I’m going to do a really helpful review about a couple of make up sponges including this one, so be on the look out for that! But my first impression is very positive :).
And that’s everything I got. Shame on me, but I actually have one more fall beauty haul coming your way. And I also ordered something on Asos… I know, I’ve gone a bit mental on the shopping, haha! Oh and how can we forget about my birthday in 2 days? Definitely gonna a do a ‘bday haul’ as well. So yeah, now I’m going to do some homework, ’cause damn, it’s a lot. Especially because this weekend is going to be party party party, so I won’t have time to do anything. Wish me luck!
xo Lilia


  1. October 8, 2014 / 15:27

    Wat een leuke aankoopjes heb je gedaan!

  2. October 8, 2014 / 18:53

    So you’re already buying some gifts for yourself 😉 Now you have two eggs and a basket, how cute. Your cover of the Snicket’s book is really pretty!

  3. October 9, 2014 / 12:37

    I love your haul! I’ve been seeing some cute stuff from H&M’s home collection but I haven’t bought anything yet. Those candles are so pretty and I totally read the first sentence with Beyonce on my mind!

  4. October 10, 2014 / 22:37

    Leuke spulletjes heb je gekocht! X

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