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I just did a Dubai haul a couple of days back (click here), but I already have a new one for ya. I’ve never been a girl who buys a lot when there’s sale, but this time I bumped into something I couldn’t resist. Interested in seeing what it was? Well keep reading, haha!

I kinda went cray cray at the jewellery section at H&M. I already have a lot of jewellery, so I don’t buy new jewellery pieces on a regular. Especially necklaces and bracelets. I was searching for a new staple necklace, because I always wore my gold chain from Bijou Brigitte. I wanted something that could replace my old necklace, without being totally the same. And I found it! I don’t know how you call this style of necklace, but it looks like a nameplate, haha. I wanted a necklace in this style for a long time, because it’s a cool variation on your normal chain. I’ve never found the perfect one, until now! The chain feels very heavy, which I like. I hate it when chains feel very light and plastic-y. I also love the fact that it’s rose gold, ’cause I’m obsessed with everything rose gold (but you already knew that, haha). I think it will look great with my Michael Kors rose gold watch. I’m very happy that I finally bought it!
The bracelet was also something I wanted to buy for a long time, but I never did. I wanted to add a bit more gold to my everyday armswag, but every gold bracelet that I tried was either too big or too light. But then I found this one! It’s a more dainty than a usual chain bracelet. I really liked that, because I have small wrists. It also feels heavy and not cheap at all. It looks great with my other bracelets too! Haha kinda funny, I did a daily armswag post a couple of weeks back, were I showed you all my bracelets I wear on a day to day basis. But because I bought this one, it has already changed. I think I need to do a lot of them to keep you up to date, haha!
As you know, I’m also obsessed with knuckle rings. I especially like thin, plain and simple ones. So when I saw these, I had to get them. I lose rings very quickly, so that’s kinda a good reason to buy new ones right?
All these jewellery pieces are from H&M. I bought them very recently, so I think you can find all the things in your store right now!
And now on to the second part of this haul: my new Bershka coat. I’ve never been the kind of girl that bought multiple coats in one year. I always bought one coat during 1 or 2 years. But this year I bought 3 different coats (well actually that’s not true, it’s officially 2014, so I still bought only 1 coat this year, haha). I know, I went cray. I wasn’t planning on buying this coat. I was just looking through the sale section at Bershka and I wanted to try it on ‘just for fun’. Well you know what that means, haha. I really liked how it looked on, but I was like: ‘Ooh I don’t need another coat, it’s not even that warm and they probably didn’t reduce the price that much OMG WHAT €20,- I NEED YOU!’.
Haha, I almost never buy things during the sale, because then I buy things because they are so cheap and not because I really like them, but this coat was an exception. I wanted a coat in this style real bad, but because I already bought 2 coats this year, I didn’t want to buy another one. But I come on, €20,- for a coat!? And it was originally €80,-! How could I resist haha! The coat is just the right amount of oversized. It has kinda a boyish feel to it, which is very on trend now. I bought it in a size M, because S was sold out, but it still fits nice on a petite girl like me. I think S would be too small if I wanted to wear a think sweater underneath it (and I definitely will be doing that, haha). It’s also warmer than I expected, which is a good thing here in Holland. Of course, it’s not a rain or snow proof coat, but if it’s ‘just’ cold outside, it will keep you warm. It also has very handy pockets, which is a big plus for me. I hate it when a coat doesn’t have pockets! I’ve already made some outfit photos with this baby (a bit inspired by Kenza’s style), so be on the lookout for that!
 So prettyyyy! I don’t know if you still can find this coat in the sale section. In Groningen it was the last one in this colour. They do had it also in a darker grey colour, but I liked this colour better with my hair and skintone.
And this is the last picture with all my new things together. I just love them all so much :).
Did you like the stuff that I got? Let me know in the comment section below! I know I do, ’cause I’ve been wearing these items loads since I got them!
xoxo Lilia

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