Hi there!
First of all, thank you for tuning in again on my blog! I really appreciate the fact you take the time to read my blogposts :). Today will be very exciting for me, because I’ll be opening the temporary ice skating rink on the Grote Markt/Waagplein in Groningen around 16.30. I’m going to make a blogpost about it, if I have enough photo’s. I also hope somebody can film it, so I can post a video as well.

So today I have a haul for you again. I know, lately I’ve been going cray with the shopping. But I promise, everything that I bought over the past weeks, was on my wishlist for a long time. The only thing that I’m still searching for is a pair of black, shiny discopants/leggings and some nice booties with a chunky heel. But yeah, this time I bought the most perfect darkred/oxblood/vampy/bordeaux (you name it) lipstick and nailpolish there is. 

The nailpolish is from Bourjois and it’s called Red dingue (nr. 28). It’s opaque in one coat. I do like to put on a second coat though, because the colour a little bit darker then. The lipstick is from MAC and it’s called Diva (haha I’m such a diva myself). It has a matte finish, but it’s not that drying for your lips. I do recommend that you scrub your lips before applying it, because it does accentuate your dry patches (but it’s not that bad, if you have chapped lips you can still pull it off I think). I was searching for ages for the perfect darkred nailpolish and lipstick, who weren’t purple-y, and I’m glad that I finally found them! I also think they match each other perfectly.
Here are some swatches of the lipstick in different lighting. As you can see, the lipstick is matte, but still creamy, so it applies nicely on your lips. I will probably make a face of the day with these two, so you can see the colour better on my lips and nails. Only if you like of course!
Well that’s it for today. Wish me luck for my figure skating demonstration, I hope I don’t freeze to death, because it’s so cold outside, haha!
xoxo Lilia

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