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Ooh my god. I almost couldn’t believe it, but at the moment I’m a proud owner of a Michael Kors rose gold watch. A fucking real Michael Kors watch! Yeah, I know, it’s sounds amazing to say it haha (Michael Kors!). Damn, I always thought that they had the most perfect watches ever, but I never thought I would have one myself one day… But it’s true! It’s actually a late christmas present from my mom. I never expected that she would give me such a huge present, so sweet of her. So thank you mommy! I hadn’t had the time to write a blogpost about the watch sooner. So that’s why you’re reading about it just now. But such a beautiful jewellery piece deserves a whole post dedicated to it, don’t you think? You’re probably already very familar with how Michael Kors watches look (I’m not the only one who has a huge crush on them, haha), but I needed to make some pictures of my own baby of course!

Isn’t she photogenic, haha? It is a true beauty I think. I love the fact that it’s a very simple watch, without rhinestones or something. It’s also kinda masculine, but the rose gold colour makes it more feminine I think. They have it in other colours, but I think that the rose gold colour is by far the prettiest colour.
It comes in a simple, but pretty box and instructions on how to set the time and that kind of stuff. I’m a sucker for packaging, it looks so luxurious… I always keep all the boxes of stuff that I buy, I just can’t throw it away. And then I end up with a lot of boxes of shit that I bought in my closet, instead of filling it with the real stuff haha! Am I the only one who does this? Please tell me that other people do this as well and can relate, haha.
Okay I just can’t get over how stunning it is. I don’t own a lot of designer items. I usually think that they’re overrated and overpriced. You can find nice knock-offs very easily. But for this watch I’m going to make an exception. I had a Michael Kors knock-off, but you can’t compare it to the real one. The real one looks way better, you can truly see that it’s good quality when you wear it. It’s so fucking shiny in comparison with my old one haha. So if you have the money, I truly recommend investing in this amazing watch. I think a watch is something that automatically makes your outfit classy and sophisticated. If you’re tired of all the armswag, just put on one nice watch and you’re ready to go! For me, this watch is timeless, and I’m going to wear it the rest of my life!
xoxo Lilia


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