Hey guys!
Okay, I know that I’ve been going cray cray with the shopping lately, but the changing seasons make me wanna buy new stuff! I feel like a lot of spring/summer clothing that I own are a bit overworn if you know what I mean. I still love them and going to wear them, but I want to combine them with newer and on trend styles. Also, I’m really into pastels lately (well not only lately haha), but I still wanna wear them in a swag and edgy way. Pastels can look very girly, and usually that’s just not the style that I feel comfortable in. So I really wanted to start wearing more pastely colours and whites, without losing my badass all black errthang swag (lol just kidding).
So lately I’ve been seeing chunky sandals everywhere. If you know me, you know that I love my chunky black booties (a.k.a. my monster booties!) from River Island. I wear them a lot, and I am kinda sad that when it’s going to be summer I won’t be able to wear them anymore. So I was looking for a summery replacement for them. And I found them, yay! If you’re interested in seeing these babies, keep reading :).

So yeah, here they are. I bought them at Nelly, and they’re from the brand Duffy. Never heard of them but dayum, they did a good job! So fucking pretty. Well, I know they’re actually kinda ugly, but I just really like imperfect things. It’s like the fact that they’re so huge, strange and chunky makes them beautiful. Okay this sounds very random, but what I’m trying to say is that I prefer kinda awkward not perfect things over classic, perfect things (like for example the Louboutin pumps, although I think they’re beautiful as well haha). So that’s why I fell in love with these monster sandals, haha.
And they’re soooo comfortable. I kid you not, I hate wearing high heels. It’s not that I can’t walk in them or something (I’m a pro in wearing high heels haha!), but I just hate the feeling of having pain in my feet. I’m always being an ADHD person (don’t have ADHD by the way haha), running, dancing, jumping and stuff and I’m used to wearing comfortable sneakers. If I wear heels I just don’t feel like myself. So if I tell you that they’re comfortable, trust me, they are. They’re so comfortable because they have a huge platform and a big heel. That way you wouldn’t be bothered by fucked up pavement or something like that (we always have the most annoying pavement in the city centre for heels haha). They almost feel like sneakers. Almost.
I also really like the fact that they have gold detailing instead of silver. I prefer gold over silver, and sometimes I find it annoying that my shoes have silver detailing while I’m wearing gold jewellery. So yay to gold details!
So yeah, if you’re interested in them, you can still get them here. I got them on sale, so I paid €45,- for them (normal price is a bit more). They fit true to size, maybe a little bit bigger, but that makes them more comfortable. I have 37/38 and I ordered them in 38 and they were perfect. A little bit loose, but that’s so relaxed if you’re wearing them in the summer (your feet get a bit bigger in the summer because of the heat).
I hope you like my new monster sandals as much as I do, haha! Talk to you later, ya bish!
xoxo Lilia


    • April 16, 2014 / 20:38

      ah dankjewel! ik vind ze ook echt heel cool, heb vandaag een outfit gepost, maar er komen nog andere aan 🙂 x

  1. April 16, 2014 / 18:08

    Wauw tof! Ben benieuwd naar je outfits!

    • April 16, 2014 / 20:38

      dankjewel! jaa komen eraan haha, heb er vandaag eentje gepost en er is ook alweer een nieuwe in the making met deze schoenen 🙂

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