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I was searching ages for the perfect black bootie with a chunky heel, that I could wear on a day to day basis without torturing my feet. I really liked a pair at H&M (and it was on sale!), but every time I checked, my size was sold out. Don’t you just hate when that happens? I’m a perfectionist when it comes to buying things. I never buy something unless I think it’s perfect. That’s why I don’t often get tired of clothing that I buy. But yeah, I was kinda sad that I couldn’t find the H&M pair anymore. But then I found a pair at River Island, that was very similar. Only difference was that they were even more out of my comfortzone than the H&M ones, haha! It’s not that I don’t like grungy things (I really like the grunge style actually), but I never bought an item that was so fucking grungy haha! My first reaction when I tried them on was OMG, these are little monsters! But still, I kinda liked how they looked. When I wore them, they looked not as huge as they actually are. And the longer I stared at them, the more I liked how they look.

So yeah, I decided to buy them, and I’m so happy I did! I almost never wear heels, because I hate it when my feet are hurting (and I have figure skating training or dance class almost every day after school, so if my feet are tired I can’t train/dance very well). But these babies walk amazing. They’re so comfy! And trust me, I don’t say that very quickly about heels. The heel is very sturdy and they kinda bounce when you walk, because they’re made out of rubber. Also, they have a huge platform, so you aren’t walking on 11 cm high heels actually! By the way, I really like the box they came in. I think the leopard print is very cute. So good job River Island on the packaging :).
Despite the fact that they are a statement piece, you can still wear them with a lot of outfits, because they’re just black and don’t have a lot of buckles or something. Just see them as your normal black bootie! And they’re also dressy enough to wear under a dress or skirt I think. When I wear them, I immediately feel like my outfits are more high fashion, haha.
And this is how they look on! They don’t look as scary right? Well, at least I think so, haha! I especially like wearing them with my leather panel leggings from H&M, I think it looks very cool. Because I bought them a couple of days ago, they’re still in stock. You can find them here.
I’m very happy with my monster booties (that’s how I call them haha), I think they’re going to be one of the favourite things I bought in 2014 (2014 is going to be a good shopping year, I feel it haha)!
xoxo Lilia


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