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As you probably already now, I was eyeing up Nike Janoski’s for a while. I especially liked the simple black and white ones. I visited a couple of sneaker stores, but not a single one had the pair that I wanted. They only had them in a ugly blue and red colour, and I didn’t like them at all. And of course, they had loads of Rosherun’s, which I don’t like eiter, haha. So I asked around and found out about this skatershop, called Stigmatic (it was a very cool skaterstore, they had a lot of swag shit, like Carhartt beanies en Herschel backpacks. I really like skatershops, I just really like that style). And lucky enough they had them there! Of course, I could also order them only, but because I haven’t tried them on, I didn’t want to take the risk that I wouldn’t like them on me. And I wasn’t sure about the size as well. So I was very glad that I could find them in stores.

What’s in the bag….
The shoebox! I really liked the oldskool Nike design on it, I’ve never seen it before.
And there they are, aren’t they true beauties? Their official name is Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski Black/Black. And if you want to know, I got them in a size 38 (My shoesize varies between 37 and 38). They’re from real suede, so they’re going to be more durable than your regular sneakers. They’re also very feet-hugging (is that a word?), they’re not as wide as for example Vans. I have very wide feet, so I think I’m going to get blisters at the beginning, but because they’re from real suede, they will loosen up a bit and get comfortable. Don’t take me wrong, they’re still very comfortable, they’re just a bit stiff at the moment. But because they’re a bit more stiff, you have more grip, especially at your ankles (I don’t have the strongest ankles, so that’s always a plus for me). Yeah these sneakers are made for skating (and dancing!).
Look how photogenic they are, haha! Nike Janoski’s come with black suede laces, but you also get a pair of white, rounded, cotton laces. I think I like them more with the black ones, but maybe I’m going to change them up.
The thing that I like most about skater style sneakers is that they’re not that big. Some sneakers, like Jordans, make your feet look like elephants. Other ones, like Rosherun’s, make your feet look very awkward. Well that’s what I think at least, haha. But skatersneakers aren’t made to be huge, they’re made to be comfortable for skating. So they make your feet look smaller. And despite they’re worn casually, I think they look sophisticated enough to wear to more formal occasions (I mean, if you have a important meeting in pink Nike Air Max, who’s gonna take you serious?). They just look like black, suede sneakers, nothing too swaggy (although they can look very swag as well haha!).
I’m totally in love with these babies, especially because they are (almost) all black. And they will look amazing with my other all black errthang outfits. You can wear them with everything, they are never going to clash! They’re my first pair of sneakers that are not Vans (I used to wear a lot of different sneakers back in the days, but nowadays I only wear Vans) since a very long time. It’s nice to be able to change it up from now on! Can’t wait to wear them in the summer and really use them for skating on my pennyboard!
So what do you think of these babies? Do you like skater style sneakers more than ‘regular’ ones, like me?
xoxo Lilia

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