Alexander Wang Gabi Bootie With Rose Gold Designer Shoes

Alexander Wang Gabi Bootie With Rose Gold Designer Shoes
Hi there!
Of course, I’ve already spilled the beans by posting a picture of my brand new babies on my Instagram and writing yesterday’s ootd blogpost with these babies as well. But damn, I just couldn’t keep it to myself you know?! My first ever Alexander Wang pair of shoes <3. I feel like I’m dreaming or something, because I would never ever (ever!) imagine having a pair of Alexander Wang booties. He’s just my favourite designer ever and I love each and every item that he makes. Anyways, the pair of booties that I got are the Alexander Wang Gabi Booties with Rose Gold. And it’s kind of a funny story how I got my hands on them…
Alexander Wang Gabi Bootie With Rose Gold Designer Shoes
The first time that I saw the Gabi booties was at De Bijenkorf. I saw them and I immediately knew that they were the most perfect shoe ever and that they had to come with me. There was a 20% sale going on, so Iat that moment I knew we were ment to be together. It was faith, clearly. Unfortunately they were sold out in my size (probably the work of a wicked stepmother or something). So I went online, searching for my perfect shoes. And of course, they had to be sold out EVERWHERE. Even in the US or the UK, I couldn’t find them anywhere. Why does shit like that always happen to me? So yeah, you can say that I was pretty devasted. I almost forgot about them, until I saw somebody on Instagram reposting a picture of my (although they weren’t my shoes at that particular moment, I still referred to them that way, just because I could) shoes. It was from a webshop that I didn’t knew, so I had to check it out, just to be sure. Could it be that this unknown Dutch webshop was legit and had my booties, in my size? Well, I guess you know the answer to that now. The best thing was that they had a 40% discount going on! I discovered this webshop when during Roman Law. So when my class was finished, I cycled to my house like an angry mob was chasing me or something. And I succeeded! Haha, that was a long story, definitely not filled with exaggerations and sarcasm. Nope.
Alexander Wang Gabi Bootie With Rose Gold Designer Shoes
So yeah, this is how my babies look. As you can see, the booties don’t look that special when you first see them. They look like regular ankle boots that are minimal and definitely timeless. But if you look closely, you see the beautiful rose gold details, but most of all: the cut out at the heel. Yup, that is something else. I’ve never seen anything like this before and I think Alexander Wang did a great job creating a classic, yet edgy shoe. I was kinda worried about the model though. I thought that the heel would be very difficult to walk in, uncomfortable or would break easily. Well, I was totally wrong: although the heel is pretty high (don’t be fooled by the cut out!), the heel is really sturdy and it feels like I’m walking on regular heels. I don’t even feel a ‘bounce’ or something, it literally feels like the cut out isn’t here. So no worries guys, I can walk miles in these shoes!
Alexander Wang Gabi Bootie With Rose Gold Designer Shoes
Another thing that makes these shoes really comfortable is the leather. It’s really soft, but it still gives you a lot of support. It’s also not so soft that it gets damaged easily. The shoes come with a pretty black box and a black dustbag. I don’t keep my shoes in a dustbag, because I like to show them off in my room. I keep the box of these booties next to my Alexander Wang x H&M bag behind my clothing rack, which looks pretty badass, haha!
Alexander Wang Gabi Bootie With Rose Gold Designer Shoes
What I love about these shoes is the intricate detailing. I love the fact that the zipper is rose gold, to match the little rose gold plates at the cut out part of the heel. Rose gold is my favourite kind of metal, so of course I had to get the rose gold Gabi booties (they also have it in silver by the way). I think it adds a really unique touch to the booties. It makes the cut out even more visible.
Okay, it sounds pretty weird, but I think the zipper looks so small and cute, haha! I think it’s amazing that the zipper matches the other metal details of the shoe. I’m that kind of person who thinks it’s kinda not done (with the emphasis on kinda) to mix silver with gold. Usually shoes with gold details have silver zippers and I think it makes them cheaper or something. So yeah, I love the fact that the zipper is matchy matchy! Also, the zipper makes a lil’ click sound if you pull it all up to the top. This way you always know if your zipper is closed or not.
I’m really picky when it comes to the nose of shoes. I used to only like really round noses, but lately I’ve been more into the pointy shoes. I still prefer round noses though. These booties have the perfect nose, because it’s a bit pointy, but still round enough to be really classy and timeless. Love it!
Alexander Wang Gabi Bootie With Rose Gold Designer Shoes
This is how the booties look on. How amazeballs right? They make my feet look pretty small, which is very important for me. I hate it when my feet look big. I’m petite, so shoes that make your feet look big is defo a no-go for me!
Alexander Wang Gabi Bootie With Rose Gold Designer Shoes
So yeah, I hope you enjoyed this blogpost about my new love. I hope I didn’t sound too superficial, haha. Anyways, back to the real world: I still need to make my assignments for Roman Law and Civil Law for tomorrow and read about 60 pages or something. So yeah, I guess I’m busy enough with the serious stuff to think about my lovely booties (they’re 24/7 on my mind tho, don’t worry). You can find these Alexander Wang Gabi Boots here.
xo Lilia








  1. December 17, 2014 / 18:28

    Ah ik snap dat je er zo blij me bent want ze zijn echt heel tof! 🙂

  2. December 17, 2014 / 19:23

    O goshhhh, perfect!

  3. December 17, 2014 / 21:07

    Wauw wauw wauw. Ik word steeds verliefder op die schoenen en die rits matcht ook zo perfect<3

  4. December 17, 2014 / 23:22

    Echt heel tof! 🙂

  5. December 18, 2014 / 12:08

    Ze zijn prachtig!! Lovely!

  6. December 18, 2014 / 17:37

    Wauw, heel apart, maar super mooi!

  7. December 18, 2014 / 19:19

    Toen ik ze in je outfitpost zag staan, was ik er meteen verliefd op. Dit zijn evoor mij ook inderdaad de mooiste schoenen die ik ooit heb gezien denk ik. Heel veel plezier ermee, maar dat gaat vast wel lukken 😉

  8. December 18, 2014 / 20:05

    Prachtig paar schoenen!

  9. RIKA
    January 17, 2015 / 01:54

    Hello! What is the website that you purchased your Alexander Wang booties from?

    Thank you so much, looking for those everywhere!

    • nappyhairz
      January 17, 2015 / 12:30

      It’s called, but they’re sold out now! 🙁 xo

  10. Rachel
    January 23, 2017 / 23:23

    Would you say the boot is true to size? What size do you normally wear?

    • Lilia
      February 10, 2017 / 10:29


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