Hi there!
Haha I’m not even gonna say ‘okay guys I know, a haul, again…’, ’cause it wouldn’t make a lot of sense, because this would be the 1093439th time saying that. So I’m just gonna say that I have a haul for you today guys. That contains 2 pairs of shoes. Yeah, don’t say a thing, no judging haha! I really need to tone it down a bit. Well, until I’m finished with my finals though. After that I definitely need some celebration shopping, haha!

The first thing that I got is this flannel from H&M. I got it at the sale, for €10 in stead of €20! Good deal huh? I almost never buy stuff during a sale, because usually my size is sold out or I just don’t like the styles in general. I was searching for a red/black flannel for ages, because I thought it would be nice way to switch it up from my beloved blue/black flannel, also from H&M. Now I have 2, yay!
The next thing that I got was also on my mind for quite some while. As you know, I love my black Nike Janoski’s, but I kinda wanted another pair of black sneakers, that weren’t too similar to my Janoski’s. These Vans Oldskools were perfect! I love how they look, and I think they give a different vibe to an outfit in comparison to the Nike Janoski’s. Only thing is that these babies hurt like hell, I got the most aweful blisters on my feet. Also happened when I wore the Janoski’s though, and after a week it went a way, so I’m hoping the same will happen to the Vans. I just need to break them in. But still, I love them very much, and I’m gonna wear them loads!
I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’ve been struggling with how to do my brows for a long time. I used to use a brow pencil from Anastasia, but I ran out of it so quickly, that I refused to buy it again. It was so expensive, and I only could use it for 1 or 2 months! I always used the Catrice brow pencil that I love(d), but I still felt like my brows could look better. So after one of my friends bought a brow ‘gelliner’ from MAC, I bit the bullet and wanted to try it out myself. I heard so many good things about these ‘gelliners’ for your brows. So I went with this Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in the colour Blonde. I do need some practice with it, but I freaking love this product! It takes a bit more time than a brow pencil, but the result is way prettier, so it’s worth it! Definitely gonna do a review about this product soon, so stay tuned for that!
And as I already told you, I also got another pair of shoes. Oops. But I just really couldn’t pass these beautiful white slipons with snakeskin detailing from the River Island. Especially when they were just €25. Like what?! How can these perfect, unique slipons be so cheap? I really like the slipons trend, but I actually wanted to go for a OG Vans version. Unfortunately, the cute Vans slipons weren’t sold in Holland. I visited a couple of skateshops and Dutch online webshops, but they only had the checkered ones which I didn’t really like. So when I saw these babies, I had to buy them. I think they look very different from your usual slipons. Most of the slipons have a leopard, snakeskin on lacepattern, so I think these ones are really hipster haha. I think they look amazing with rolled up jeans or bare legs.
The last thing that I got is this nailpolish from Rimmel. It is the Rimmel Rita Ora 60 Seconds Nail Polish. Not that I’m a big fan of her or something (actually, not a fan at all haha), but I saw some swatches online of this nailpolish that looked really pretty. It’s really hard to find a light pink colour that is opaque and this is literally the first one that I’ve come across. It’s called 203 Lose Your Lingerie (haha). I like the quality of Rimmel nailpolishes. They’re not the most long lasting nailpolish or something, but they’re decent. And the colour pay off is amazing! I only need 2 coats (if you’re really lazy one coat will do as well) for it to look perfect. The best thing was that this nailpolish was only €3,99!
So what do you think about the new stuff that I got? Do you like it? Hope you do, ’cause I love them all! A lot of the stuff were things that I actually wanted for a long time (the Vans, the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and the slipons) or for a reaaally long time (the red/black flannel and the light pink nailpolish). So I’m glad I finally found them. So yeah, talk to you soon guys!
xoxo Lilia


  1. May 30, 2014 / 10:33

    Gave aankopen! Die slipons zijn echt prachtig. Ik denk zelfs dat ik ze zelf ook maar ga kopen.

  2. May 31, 2014 / 17:30

    Wauw! Zo leuk! En mooie foto’s ervan!! X

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