Hey guys!A couple posts back, I told you I had a enormouuus haul for you. And that I was thinking of making a Youtube video about it, but I wasn’t sure. Well I decided to do it, so yayyy for video hauls haha! I just love making Youtube videos and my goal is to make one a week. That’s going to be hard, because you have no idea how much work making a Youtube video is, haha. I don’t understand how all those daily vloggers can do it everyday, it’s crazy! My finals are also coming closer and closer, so that means that I will be posting a bit less the upcoming weeks. Hope you don’t mind! Anyways, let’s go to the video!


I also took some close ups of all the stuff that I got. I even forgot to mention one thing haha, a Kohl Kajal Liner from Primark. I’m going to do a review about it, so don’t worry, you’ll get to see it!


I hope you enjoyed the video and the photos I made! I forgot to take some pictures of my new black monster sandals (I think my monster shoes collection is finally complete yayy haha), but I promise you that you’re going to see them loads in outfit of the days :).


Today I’m going to Amsterdam with my mom, to celebrate Mother’s day. We couldn’t celebrate it on the actual date, because my mom was on a holiday (lucky her!). We’re probably gonna do some shopping, grab a nice dinner and mabye go to the movies. Yeah, perfect day! I’m also taking my camera with me to take some outfit photos, so stay tuned for that! Anyways, have a nice weekend and I talk to ya later!xoxo Lilia



  1. May 19, 2014 / 13:39

    Leuke aankopen! Crop tops staan je mooi inderdaad!

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