I don’t know about you, but one of things I love reading/seeing on blogs are home or room tours. I just get a lot of inspiration from them for my own room. I find it interesting to see how others decorate their home (haha I sound like a lil’ stalker). Because of the fact that taking you all to my small semi-studio in Groningen won’t be possible, I decided to write a blogpost about my room. I wanted my room to be all white (errthang!). I love the clean, light and fresh feeling a white interior has. Because of the fact that my room is all white, it doesn’t look as tiny as it is. It’s small, but I really like it, because I have my own kitchen and shower. I just need to share the toilet. Only thing I don’t like about my room is that the walls are very thin, so I can hear everything my annoying neighbor says. Yeah, it’s that bad. But yeah, I love everything else about my room! Enough of the talking, let’s go to the photos. I have to warn you though: this post contains a lot of pictures, so to get through all of them, you need to make a nice latte macchiato for yourself and grab some chocolate (oh yeah!) and then you can start! Did you do it? You sure you did it? I insist! Okay haha, let’s start!

This is the first thing that you see when you walk into my room. The stairs lead to an open attic, where my bed is located. So I have 2 different floors, one where my kitchen, bathroom and living room is and the attic where my bed is.

My room from a different angle! I love my couch, because it’s so comfy to sit on! It’s is from Ikea, but I bought it very cheap at Marktplaats.nl. I have big windows in my room, which I love.

My candle collection, during the day and at night! Like every other girl on earth, I love candles, haha. I always keep them on my side table next to my couch. My favourite candle(holders) are the glass holder (from Action) and the marmble stone, but I love the way they look all together!

My cute pillows! The fluffy one is from H&M and the crochet pillow is from Zara Home. I love Zara’s Home collection, because they have amazingly detailed home accessories.

See how much light I have in my room because of the big windows? I absolutely love it, it makes my all white room look even more white, haha!

I think this is the favourite part of my room, my Ikea desk and shelving unit (that’s how it’s called on the Ikea site, it’s still in stores). I love that it’s open, so I can grab anything I want very easily and I can decorate the shelfs that I don’t use.

Some close-ups of the decorative things I’ve put in my shelving unit. I always put all my rings in the left bowl and my daily armcandy in the right one. I put these candles here, because I’m not going to burn them ever, because they’re way too pretty I think haha!

This is how my orchid looked when it was still blooming, so beautiful.

Did you noticed something in these photos? No? Well, if you have looked closely to the earlier pictures I just showed you, you would have seen that one of the shelfs looks different in these pictures. Well, that’s because I wrote this blogpost before I went to Dubai, and when I came back, I wanted to put the shells that I collected there in a vase or something. So yeah, then I decided to change this shelf. I didn’t want to remove the old photo of the shelf, because I also like it that way. Please tell me in the comments below if you like my new setting or my old setting more! The vase is from Action, and I love how it looks with the shells inside!

I’ve put the candle on the top of my shelving unit. I think it looks good there as well, don’t you think? In the white metal lantern (how do you call those things?) I’ve put some fake candles, because I don’t want to burn real ones, because I’m scared they will make the lantern black, haha.

And this is my working area! I love how my pink MacBook Air looks in my white room. It’s a pop of colour!

It was so much work to do this part of my room. It was one of my dreams to have a wall full of photographs in baroque/vintage, white photoframes. It took me a long time to find nice frames, because I was very picky. It also took a while before I found the perfect pictures to go with the frames. Most of the frames that I bought weren’t white, so I had to spraypaint them as well. After that, I had to decide how I would organize them on my wall and hang them on my wall. Luckily, I have a very sweet guy who helped me with that :). He also made my necklaceholder branch (don’t know how to call it haha) all by himself! I saw something similar on Tumblr once, and I wanted to make one as well. But I forgot about it, and then he surprised me with this one! I think it’s very unique and looks great in my room. It’s the perfect thing to hang your necklaces on if you don’t like all the too girly necklace holders, haha.

And this is my kitchen! Unfortunately no dishwasher, so I have to do the dishes everyday haha. I hate doing the dishes the most, because when you’re finally finished, and you want to grab something to drink after your hard work, you can start all over again, haha. You can also see my bathroom on the right.

So little close-ups of my bathroom and a part of my make-up collection! The white little pot contains q-tips.

And this is my bed! I painted the quote myself. It’s from my favourite bookseries, Unfortunate Events. It says: ‘ It is one of life’s bitterest truths that bedtime so often arrives just when things are really getting interesting’. I thought this quote was appropriate to put above my bed, haha!

I’ve posted this Instavideo of my room a while ago, so my room has changed a bit, but you get the idea :).

Well, this was my home tour! I hope you liked the way my little semi-studio looks and you got some inspiration for your own room!

xoxo Lilia



  1. February 8, 2014 / 21:47

    Waaaauw, ziet er superleuk uit Lilia! Heb je echt heel leuk ingericht! 🙂 Ik vind het ook echt leuk om dit soort foto’s te zien, haha 😉

    Xx Alex

    • February 8, 2014 / 21:55

      ah dankjewel alex! was wel veel werk om t zo te krijgen haha! en mooi zo, ben ik niet de enige, haha x

  2. February 10, 2014 / 19:44

    Wauw, wat een mooie kamer. En mooie foto’s!

  3. August 17, 2017 / 04:56

    Thank you for sharing your room. It was white as snow. And it gives purity.

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