This might come a bit out of the blue for you, but today I’m leaving Holland and flying to Dubai! Isn’t that amazing? I’ve never been to the Arab Emirates, so I’m very excited. I don’t know a lot about Dubai, except that it’s probably very fancy haha! I’m just very interested in seeing a part of the world I’ve never visited before. I’m especially interested in the cultural differences. During my philosophy class in highschool, we talked a lot about the philosphy behind different cultures. One of the theories is that different languages make a huge inpact in our perception of life. So I’m very interested to see it in ‘real life’ haha.

This is also going to be the longest flight I’ve ever been on. It’s 6,5 hours flying from Holland to Dubai. And inspired by all the beautybloggers, I’m going to take little skincare samples to ‘rescue’ my skin from all the bad things happening to it on the plane. Just kidding, main reason is that I’ll probably get bored, haha. I’m going to stay there 6 days, together with my mom. The malls there are huuuge, I hope I can do some nice shopping there! The weather is also great there, so I hope I come back a bit more tanned.

A lil’ sneakpeak of my suitcase! I’m not the most perfect packer, but I try! In the little ziplock bag are liquids that I will take with me on board (make-up remover, a mask, hand sanitizer, hand cream, moisturizer and Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream). I’m also taking my laptop and books with me, for when I get bored.

My mom’s bringing her camera, because it’s better than mine (I don’t know exactly which model it is, it’s a newer than mine camera, I think it’s the Canon 5D Mark II). It has also a video option (unfortunately my camera doesn’t), so maybe I’m going to make a vlog while I’m there! Haha I’m kinda scared though, because I’ve never done something like that before. I hope my English isn’t too bad (I don’t want to vlog in Dutch, my blog is also in English) haha. Just don’t mind the accent!

My bags set and ready! My backpack is from Accessorize, and I love that thing. It so much easier to carry than a shoulderbag! It’s especially handy for school, because my lawbooks are too big and heavy to fit in a normal sized shoulderbag. Well, I talk to you soon, have a nice day and wish me a nice and safe flight, haha!
xoxo Lilia

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