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No outfit of the day for you this time, but something else: my jewellery collection + storage! I think a lot of you really enjoy reading about the things that I own and how I store them (I really like stash post as well), so I hope you have fun reading this one. I love wearing different kinds jewellery and I usually wear many pieces daily. For example, I always wear earrings and bracelets and usually I also wear necklaces and rings. And a lot of them at the same time, I love stacking my jewellery haha. I just don’t feel complete without my jewellery pieces. I feel like something is missing you know? So yeah, if you’re interested in my stash and organization, keep reading!

This is where I keep my bracelets, rings and earrings. I store my earrings in the white jewellery box. It’s from Zara Home and it’s very big, so it fits a lot of stuff. I don’t even have enough jewellery at the moment to fill it yet, haha. I also like that the top is from glass.

And this is how it looks on the inside! I have my hoops and feather earrings in the bottom drawer. When I was younger I always wore big hoops (and never studs), so they are kinda nostalgic for me, haha. I never wear them anymore, because I don’t really like how they look on me now. I do wear the feather earrings, but usually only in the summer.

I keep my pretty statement earrings at the top (they are all from H&M), so that I can always look at them. In the right compartment I have my stud earrings. Most of the time I wear stud earrings, because they’re comfortable and easy. And because I’m usually wearing a lot of other jewellery pieces as well, I like to keep my earrings simple. I need to wear my statement earrings more often though.

In these two bowls I keep my bracelets and rings. When I come home from school, the first thing that I do is remove all my rings and bracelets. I love wearing them, but it’s not the most comfortable thing, so that’s why I never wear them at home. I wanted something where I could grabbed them quickly, without worrying that they would get damaged or tangled. So these two bowls were perfect for that! I love the little turtle on the inside of the bowls. They’re also from Zara Home by the way, they got the prettiest stuff there!

Close-up of my daily bracelets! I’m still in love with my rose gold Michael Kors watch. Eyecandy! I’ve dedicated a whole post to my daily armswag, you can read it here.

And these are all my rings. I don’t wear the big statement rings as often anymore, I used to though. Especially the pink lips and the YSL knock-off were my favourite. Nowadays I usually wear a lot of stacked rings and midirings together.

And this is the last place where I store jewellery items, my necklaces to be exact (uh duh, you could think of that yourself haha). The necklace branch (that’s how I call it) was a gift from my boyfriend, he made it himself. I think it looks fucking awesome, it was one of the best gifts I someone ever gave to me. I just really like the fact that it’s handmade and unique. As you can see, most of my jewellery is gold, but I also own some rose gold and silver jewellery. And most of my necklaces are chains. If you’re interested in a particular necklace, leave a comment down below, and I will tell you where I got it from.

So that’s it for my jewellery stash! I know, I own a lot of jewellery, and I don’t wear everything that I own unfortunately. I usually wear some certain pieces a lot, I don’t switch it up that often. I have to though! What about you, do you wear a lot of different pieces everyday or are you like me and do you grab your trusty old pieces?

xoxo Lilia



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      thankyou! but I think you’re not following me on bloglovin’ actually, I didn’t see you! xx

  1. November 2, 2022 / 03:24

    Very beautiful craft. I really liked it. And clicks are also very nice.

  2. December 16, 2022 / 09:22

    Wow, superb collection. I appreciate your Choice. Your rings are outstanding.

  3. December 8, 2023 / 01:15

    You’re so careful. I usually put it on the table

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