LAW SCHOOL VLOG #30 | Last Lectures & Life Changing Moments

LAW SCHOOL VLOG #30 | Last Lectures & Life Changing Moments

Good morning guys! It’s time for a quick blog update. I had kind of a bad day yesterday (read: editing a video the whole day and then getting fucked over by my editing software so I couldn’t upload it), and today isn’t going to be much better (read: I have a deadline tonight for my take-home exam for Social Philosophy: Language and Power and I still have to do so much for it). I’ve been super busy lately, especially when it comes to my Youtube and blog life. I wanted to show you what was happening in my life, so that’s why in Law School Vlog #30 I added a snippet of my hectic previous week + a good ol’ vlawg. Hope you enjoy!


This Law School Vlog #30 definitely contained a lot of life changing moments. I had the opportunity to do really cool (and scary) things, meet inspiring people and grow as a person. Also, I officially got into GWU (George Washington University/Law School) to study there a half year abroad, starting in September. My life has been hectic and changing every freaking day. It’s challenging, but at the same I’m proud of myself of sticking to it. Can’t wait to share my future journey with you guys, I love you!


xo Lilia



    • Lilia
      April 21, 2017 / 13:45

      Thanks babe! xo

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