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Today I’m going to talk about my June favourites! I’m pretty sad June is already over, because almost this whole month was already summer vacation for me. ‘Only’ 2 months left! Anyways, I feel like this month was a success for me. I finished school, unfortunately not summa cum laude, but cum laude, I had amazing times with my friends and I rocked my hiphop performance yesterday! It didn’t go perfectly, but I’m still proud of myself, because it could’ve gone way worse. After writing this blogpost, I’m gonna shower and then I have 3 dance classes I want to attend! Yeah, busy dance life, haha. The show just really motivated me to work even harder, dance even more! Anyways, let’s go to the faves!

The first thing that I want to talk about is nailpolish. I’ve been loving these pastely colours from the Rita Ora for Rimmel collection. Both the baby blue and the pastely pink are so pretty! They’re good quality as well, I love Rimmel nailpolish. They have a nice, wide brush and they’re opaque after 2 coats, which is amazing for a pastel pink colour! The baby blue colour is called 853 Pillow Talk and the pastely pink one is 203 Lose Your Lingerie.
The next thing are the Action (or Max) false lashes. At first I thought they weren’t good at all, but after working a bit with them, getting used to them, I fell in love with these lashes! They look really natural on me, even more natural than the Primark ones (although I still prefer the Natural Look lashes from Primark I think). It comes in a pack of 3 lashes. I only tried the most natural ones, but I also wanna try out the second pair. I think the third pair would be waaaay too much. I’m going to do a full on review about these lashes, so stay tuned for that!
Because the weather has been pretty hot this month and I didn’t want to wear loads of make-up, I was on the lookout for more ‘natural feeling’ products. I found this old Cheek ‘n Lip Tint from 2True that I totally forgot about. It lasts really long and it gives your cheeks (or lips) a pretty rosy glow, looks so natural! For the longest lasting effect, I first use this cheekstain and then top it off with some powdered blush. The best way to apply it, for me personally, is with a cottonpad. I just put some drops on it and then press it on my cheeks and blend it out with my fingertips.
My last beauty favourite is a true staple product: Nivea cream. Pretty weird, but I’ve actually never tried this cult product. My skin has been going cray cray lately, so I needed something that was really thick so it could handle the dry patches.
nivea cream
I don’t have a lot of fashion faves this month. A lot of the stuff that I love at the moment is completely new and I haven’t had the chance to wear them yet, because of the weather. That’s why I’m going to save those faves for next month. One huge favourite of mine this month though, are my white snakeskin slipons from River Island. I just can’t get over how cute they are. They look good with everything, jeans/shorts/skirts/you name it.
slip ons
Favourite OOTD
This was my favourite ootd this month. I have to say, it was kinda hard for me to choose, but I’ve chosen this one, because I love the fact that I could wear shorts! I also, of course, love my Lara Croft Tombraider croptop, my diy studded Levi’s and the flannel… And my Vans Oldkskools, haha! If you wanna see all the outfit details, click here.
I have 2 movies this month that I’m totally obsessing over. The first one, The Philosophers, I’ve watched in the cinema. Damn what a great movie! I’m really into philosophy and stuff, and I thought the concept of this movie was really interesting. Only thing that I didn’t like were the last 15 minutes of this movie. I felt like they kinda ruined the otherwise so perfect movie and that they didn’t add anything positive to it. So my tip for you, don’t watch the last 15 minutes haha.
The other movie is an old, but a gold one. Damn, I feel ashamed for not watching this one earlier. It’s The Sixth Sense, and omg, this is such an amazing movie. The acting is amazing, the story line is amazing, it’s scary even though it’s pretty old and it has a mind fuck moment at the end (no spoilers!). Yeah, definitely a must see for everybody!
My oh my. Atmosphere is one of my favourite rapgroups and they were on my no. 1 spot of artists that I wanted to see live. And guess what? Because they just released their new album Southsiders, they are going to perform in Melkweg Amsterdam. And what makes this even 39493489384 times better is that it’s on my birth fucking day. Yes, the 10th of October. HOW FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT. When I saw that they’re were coming to Holland on my bday, I literally started screaming. I’m soooo excited haha! Anyways, the song ‘Flicker’ is my favourite song of they’re new album. I haven’t listen to their whole album a lot, but this song stood out to me immediately. So go listen to it!
I hope you enjoyed my monthly faves of the month of June. If you have any particular favourites this month, let me know in the comments below! Talk to you later guys!
xo Lilia 


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