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My desk has always been one of the most important spaces in my home. If you would ever walk into my apartment, longing for a delicious cup of foamy vanilla oatmilk latte from Lilia's Café, you would probably find me working away at a new video or project there. My desk is the place where I turn my dreams into reality. Now that most of us are working from home, having an organized and inspiring work spot became more essential than ever. If you're curious about seeing where the work magic happens, or you need some inspiration for your own work from home space, check out my newly updated desk tour.

Over the past few years, I have had various home office or study spaces. I've had a desk + kitchen table situation when I was living in my little studio loft apartment in Groningen, as well as an L-shaped corner desk in my current apartment in Los Angeles. Although these options served me well, I wanted to upgrade this area of my apartment with the biggest CEO-approved desk I could find within my budget. I wanted a desk that was big enough to use for 2 monitors, as well as leaving me with room to write in my planners, journals, and notebooks. Aside from its size, my new desk had to be white, preferably with gold or rose gold details. Most desks with gold or rose gold detailing were quite expensive and rather small. I found this huge white desk with three spacious drawers, but unfortunately it came with very boring silver hardware. I decided to do a little DIY and change the hardware to these beautiful rose gold and acrylic knobs. It turned out perfectly, and it was so easy and affordable to do!

When it comes to decorating my desk, I decided to opt for minimal lines, rose gold office supplies, and lots of rosy and lilac shades with my Supplied by Lily Stationery!

Desk | Office Chair | Rose Gold Knobs | Rose Gold Desk Lamp | Drawer Organizers | Rose Gold Bar Cart | Stationery | Rose Gold Wall Grid

I would love to hear what you think of my new setup. I feel incredibly motivated and re-inspired after re-vamping my desk space. Sometimes you just need something fresh and new, and especially in these uncertain times a home refresh can bring so much happiness and joy! If you want to see my desk set up in action, you can check out my new updated desk tour video! I go into more details there.



What do you think of my new work from home desk setup?

xo Lilia

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