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I’ve never done a post like this before, but I do enjoy reading them on other blogs a lot! So I thought it was time to write one myself as well. I’m talking bloggers talking ’bout bloggers. There are a lot of bloggers and Youtubers in the community lately, so it’s easy to get lost. That’s why today I’m going to show you my favourite fashion and beauty bloggers and/or Youtubers that I like to check out almost everyday. This way I hope I give you some new blog and Youtube ‘food’ (lol) and inspiration! ‘Cause let’s be honest, there isn’t much else that is as inspiring as Youtubers and bloggers right? So yeah, if you wanna know my faves, keep reading.



My favourite fashion blogger of all time has to be Sonya Esman from Class Is Internal. She is a 19 (!) year old Russian girl living in Toronto, but she’s mostly travelling all over the world for modelling work. She is definitely one of the most inspiring people that I ‘know’. I love her way of thought, her fashion sense and her editing skills. And let’s be honest, she’s just a stunner. She has an English blog and Youtube channel, as well as a Russian blog and Youtube channel.



I can’t even begin describing how big my girlcrush is on this beauty called Kenza Zouiten. She’s a Swedish/Moroccan girl and I’ve been following her for at least 6 years I think. Yeah, that’s a lot. She’s a model and has her own clothing line called Ivy Revel. She’s not only really beautiful, she also has an amazing style + her own photographer, which makes her blog total eyecandy. Definitely check her blog Kenzas out if you didn’t know her already (you probably did tho!).



Another fashion and beauty Youtuber that I love is Widya. She has a Youtube channel and a blog (which she doesn’t update anymore unfortunately…) and I really dig all her videos. She’s freaking funny and her videos with her bestie make me laugh my ass off. And she’s also a very pretty girl. Oh, and I’m totally obsessed with her hair, every hair colour looks good on her. She posts a lot of make-up & hair tutorials and lookbooks. Definitely check her out.



Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters is my biggest inspiration when it comes to Youtube videos, and especially her editing. She’s makes freaking awesome videos, that are totally perfect in my opinion. The music that she uses, the special effects and her voice… Everything is just so easy and fun to watch! She also has an unique fashion style, because she wears a lot of edgy, out of the fashion box pieces mixed with vintage. Love this girl.



Guys, this girl can do make-up. Like she’s a queen at it. She’s called Sophia and her Youtube channel is Fashionista804. Her eyeshadow and liner is always on point and I just which I was as good as her. I also love her edgy, minimal mixed with urban style, because it totally matches my taste. I think my Alexander Wang obsession is due to her, because she always wore really cute shoes from him. Anyways, go watch her if you’re looking for amazing fashion videos and some cool make-up tutorials.



Sorry guys, now I’m onto the Dutchies. As most of you know, I’m a Russian/Dutch girl, but I live in Holland. I mostly read English blogs (that’s why I wanted to blog in English as well), but I do love to read some good Dutch blogs and Mary Josie is one of them! She is studying to be a make-up artist and she mostly posts inspirational articles or outfit of the days. She has a minimal style, which I think is very beautiful. She’s also one of the view vloggers which I actually always watch. So yeah, definitely check her out if you’re on the lookout for some (fashion) inspo.



Gosh, I think this girl is freaking awesome. She’s called Diana Leeflang and I think this is my favourite Dutch blogger/Youtuber. Her blog is D Is For Dazzle. She’s one of the view bloggers and Youtubers that truely is herself. I feel like one of my besties is talking to me when I’m watching her vids. She’s so funny and sarcastic, but in a really chill and down-to-earth way. She’s also a student at uni at the moment, so I often can relate to her daily life. Her videos are awesome, especially her interior and get ready with me videos are worth a watch.



Another Dutchie. Fashion-Fever is a blog by Esmeé Helder and I’ve been following this pretty girl since I was 14 (6 years!). She also lives in Groningen and I’ve actually met her at the Douglas once, while she was working, haha. Her blog has changed a lot over the years, but I always kept following her, no idea why. Maybe because we were changing in the same direction? She used to write a lot about fashion, but now she’s a professional make-up artist and takes the prettiest pics ever of all her make-up. Oh and I really don’t understand why she isn’t a model by the way, ’cause she’s photogenic as hell, haha.



Speaking about pretty make-up, Wies is definitely one of the most talented make-up gurus I’ve ever seen. And she’s only 18! Her blog is called xWiesx and she also makes a lot of Youtube videos. Everytime I’m watching a video of her doing her make-up, I feel like there’s magic happening on my screen, because everything she does looks so easy, yet it turns out totally amazing (and not even close to my trials, haha). She also writes really good reviews with pretty pictures, so I always like to check those too.



Lifesplash is a blog from Jiami Jongejan, a 15 year old girl that blogs about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I’ve also met her actually at one of her meet-ups in August and it was really fun to meet her and all of her viewers (everybody was so sweet!). The thing I love most about her blog is her photos and videos. They’re always well-edited and contain a lot of pretty bokeh, which make everything look very dreamy and surreal. Sometimes I feel a bit too old for certain themes on her blog (I mean I’m 20 and definitely in a different age period or what ever), but she still inspires me, which is the most important thing! Keep up the good work girl ;).


So yeah, that were all of my favourite beauty & fashion bloggers and Youtubers at the moment. Most of them I’ve been following for years, others are just recent discoveries. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite bloggers and Youtubers are and if you knew the ones that I mentioned. I would be really interested in reading your answers (it’s always fun to discover new, amazing blogs!).


At the moment the stress is really taking over. Not only have I really, really, really important exams coming up, I’m also working on moving from Blogger to WordPress. Well, actually, I already did that! The only thing now is redirecting all the links + fixing the HTML/CSS/PHP of my layout. Which is a pain in the ass, because I suck at that. If anybody is into shit like that and could help me out, it would be appreciated as fuck. Haha.


xo Lilia



  1. January 9, 2015 / 11:09

    <3 Ah wat lief!! En we hebben echt dezelfde smaak in vloggers/bloggers want de rest vind ik ook allemaal super leuk.

    • nappyhairz
      January 13, 2015 / 16:56

      Hihi je verdient het! xo

  2. January 9, 2015 / 15:52

    Sommige kende ik nog niet! Kenza Zouiten is inderdaad geweldig!

    • nappyhairz
      January 13, 2015 / 16:56

      Klopt, love her! xo

  3. January 9, 2015 / 16:35

    Verschillende ken ik, eigenlijk volg ik veel te weinig buitenlandse blogs omdat ik te lui ben om Engels te lezen.. Zonde haha! Er zitten zeker favorieten van me tussen, de rest ga ik even bekijken<3
    X Emma

    • nappyhairz
      January 13, 2015 / 17:00

      Haha, ik hou juist van Engelse blogs! xo

    • nappyhairz
      January 13, 2015 / 17:03

      Ja zeker doen! xo

  4. January 9, 2015 / 20:33

    Wat een fijne favorieten staan er tussen. Veel blogs volg ik zelf ook!

    • nappyhairz
      January 13, 2015 / 17:03

      Zelfde smaak yay! xo

  5. January 9, 2015 / 20:57

    Toffe favorieten! Veel volg ik zelf ook, maar een paar kende ik nog niet. Ik ga zeker eens even kijken. Thnx voor de tips!

    • nappyhairz
      January 13, 2015 / 17:03

      Alsjeblieft 😉 xo

  6. January 10, 2015 / 20:00

    Zitten toffe blogs tussen! Ik volg zelf Anne (, Dagmar (, Queen of Jetlags en nog een paar andere blogs graag. Oh, en Femke van Younique schrijft echt geweldig! 🙂

    xx Alex

    • nappyhairz
      January 13, 2015 / 17:05

      Oh die ken ik ook! xo

  7. January 12, 2015 / 15:41

    Dank voor de goeie tips, zitten er een paar tussen die ik ook volg, maar sommige echt mindblowing leuk!! XOXO, daphny!

    • nappyhairz
      January 13, 2015 / 17:15

      Dankje! xo

  8. April 11, 2023 / 11:58

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    .Dank voor de goeie tips, zitten er een paar tussen die ik ook volg, maar sommige echt mindblowing leuk!! XOXO, daphny!

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