Hello you,

This time I don’t have an ootd for you, sorry! I wasn’t really satisfied about the things I wore yesterday, cause I didn’t had enough time in the morning to pick something fashion-y (haha), and I the afternoon I chilled with a friend of my, I hadn’t see for a long time. We did a little bit of shopping (I bought some knuckle rings from H&M, I will show them to you in my weekly Instamoments post) and drank hot coco at Coffee United, which was kinda sentimental for me, cause when I was in highschool, I always did that with one of my best friends, who nowadays lives like 3 hours by train from me… But it was very nice to chitchat with her, and I enjoyed not thinking about school for a change!

But yeah, because I don’t have a new ootd for you, I decided to show some of my favourite old ootd to you (and I still need to think of something else to post on this blog when I don’t have an ootd, I’m working on it!).


This is one of my favourite outfits ever, cause it consists of my favourite leather jacket, tanktop, leggings and shoes. For me this is a go-to oufit, when I want to look edgy and still be comfortable. I just feel very nice wearing this.


I really love the combination of the peplum top and the chain. It’s classy, but I think it’s still very me.


I love this oversized jeans jacket! First of all, I think the dipdye makes it look very cool. I also really like the cut, cause it’s oversized, but it doesn’t swallow me, despite the fact that I’m very tiny (say yeah for the petite Asos collection!).


The shorts that I’m wearing are thrifted Levi’s and I studded them myself. I really love them, and they were so cheap! The Carhartt beanie is also a staple for me, it’s so warm!


This is the last outfit! It is a more recent one, but I love it because of the leather leggings, the flannel, my Biggie shirt and of course my Vans and Carhartt beanie. I also like this pic because of my straightend hair.Well hope you have a nice day, almost weekend!

xoxo Lilia


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