As promised, I’m going to show you my pimped up university supplies. I know, some of you will think that I’m way too old for pimped up school suppies (and hopefully, some of you won’t), but I could care less: I’ve always been a creative monster and I love simple things like pimping my agenda/planner for example. In this blogpost I want to accentuate the supplies that I only started using when I got into uni, especially in law school, and that I would never ever used in high school before. So yeah, I hope these things are helpful for you who are going to law school next year (or are already in law school). I’m my second year of my bachelor by the way, if you’re wondering!

So this is all of my uni stuff together. It looks like a happy mess right? I think it looks way nicer than if you just had regular, plain ol’ notebooks and planners. This makes uni a bit more fun! I got most of my stuff from Hema. I’ve bought my school supplies for almost 3 years in a row there. I think they have original stuff, that’s good quality and not boring or too girly. Yeah Hema, you’re doing a great job!
So first off I’m going to talk about my notebooks. How cute are they? I think notebooks are the most important thing you need in uni. If you don’t make notes, well trust me, you’re going to fail your exams or always be the person that gets 6/10. And I’m totally not like that, I always want to have the perfect grade haha. Anyways, I kill a lot of these notebooks in one year (usually I fill up 6 or something). That’s why I hate regular notebooks (without the rings on the side, I have no idea how else to explain this. In Dutch we have ‘schriften’, regular notebooks I would say and ‘collegeblokken’, notebooks that are way bigger and have the rings on the side). I go through notebooks without rings way too quickly and they always get ruined in my bag. These notebooks with rings are way sturdier. It’s also handy that you can easily flip through pages, without folding them or something. I also like the A4 format in stead of A5. It’s especially handy when you need to write down different tables or graphics or something, because you’ll have more space on one page.
Another tip of mine is to use one notebook for all of your classes. I know, this may sound unorganized, but it actually isn’t. You will have to carry only one notebook to all your classes, so you’ll never forget your notebook. You’re always going to have all of your notes with you, because you’ll only have one notebook and when it’s filled up, you can order all of your notes in different document folders (and now I remember that I forgot to take a pic and show you my document folders, which sucks, ’cause I love using them for this technique of organizing… Anyways, you get the point). I organize everything by class and in chronological date. I’ve used this method for 3 years now and it’s foolproof. I’m going to use it this year as well! Ooh and yes, I customized them with stickers, haha.
And this is the planner that I’m going to use this year. It was only €2,50 and I think it looks simple yet chique. But of course, I had to pimp it!
And this is the finished result! For now though, maybe I’m going to spice it up a bit more haha. Looks really cool and unique right? This year, I’m going to work with a different system for my planner. In high school, I used my planner a lot, but during uni I didn’t. The reason why is that the homework for uni is the same every week (usually, teachers already pre-planned everything and you’ll get the schedule as well, so you always know what you need to do), while during high school your homework could be different every day. So I ended up not using my planner that much, because I already knew what homework we had to do that day.
What I did use a lot, were to do lists. But sometimes I literally wanted to make a to do list for a whole day, but it was kinda strange for me to write everything down on a to do list. I rather used them for things I had to remember or something. That’s why I decided to start using a desk planner. I don’t bring my desk planner with me (it’s always on my desk duhh) and I use it to write everything down what I need to do for that day (this could be stuff like ‘eat breakfast’, ‘study’, but also ‘bring the nailpolish I borrowed to class today’. So my regular planner is just for school, while my desk planner is for my whole life you could say!
Okay, now onto the last things I’m going to talk about. First of all, pens! I love the pens from Hema, because they’re fun, thin (so they fit in any bag) and they write really nice. I hate those boring blue ball point, they make me feel depressed haha. I also like to use some fineliners from AH, to decorate my notes/notebooks or write some really important stuff down.
But my most used things are: my pink highlighter, sticky bookmarks & my to do lists. ‘Cause, damn, I literally can’t live without those 3 things. I use my pink highlighter to highlight everything that’s important. When I’m studying, I highlight almost everything on my page while I’m reading. I feel like I read way more intense or accurate when I’m highlighting at the same time. And yes, I’m that type of person that has more pink than white in her books haha.
Sticky bookmarks is another thing that is an absolute essential for me. I never used to use bookmarks, until I got into lawschool. ‘Cause sticky bookmarks are your best friends during lawschool. Every important page in your lawbook needs to have a sticky bookmark, otherwise you’re screwed during your exam (you can bring your lawbook or the constitution with you to exams), because you won’t have enough time to find every important article.
And the last thing are to do lists. Sometimes, my head literally explodes with all the stuff I have to do. I don’t want to plan everything in a time table or something, so just writing some stuff down on a list and having control over all the stuff you need to do can be helpful and kinda relaxing. Plus you won’t forget it!
I hope you enjoyed reading about school. I know, that sounds like a total paradox, but hey, things like these are the ones that make school or uni more enjoyable right? If you have fun planners and notebooks, making homework is just a bit less aweful. As you can see, I’m really organized and I like to use different ‘systems’ to plan everything. It’s just very efficient for me, so that’s why I use it. But if you’re way more yolo with your organizing and planning, do ya thing girl! So what about you? Do you like to pimp your school stuff or do you just really don’t care?
xo Lilia


  1. August 21, 2014 / 19:50

    Super leuk gedaan 😀 Ziet er gelijk echt super leuk en creatief uit! Ik kocht nooit echt schoolspullen.
    Ik had geen agenda en had altijd maar 1 zielig pennetje in mijn tas zitten haha! 😛


    • August 30, 2014 / 23:25

      dankjewel! haha lekker voorbereid dus ;). ik vind t gewoon erg leuk om schoolspullen te kopen, vandaar! xo

  2. August 21, 2014 / 19:55

    Oh, dit vind ik zulke leuke postjes!

  3. August 22, 2014 / 10:31

    Super leuk gedaan!

  4. August 26, 2014 / 19:02

    Wat leuk dat je zo goed positief het jaar in gaat met die vrolijke schoolspullen!

    • August 30, 2014 / 23:26

      hihi dankjewel! nu nog net zo’n positief schooljaar ervan maken 😉 xo

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