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I was thinking about what I should post on this blog when I don’t have an ootd ready (I often don’t have the time to pick out a swag outfit, haha, and I just grab the first thing that I see hanging in my closet, so yeah I definitely don’t wear well thought of outfits everyday). So for days like these I’m just going to write about things that happend to me that day and I hopefully have some cute pics for you to look at, because yeah, that’s the main thing I like blogs for anyway. Of course I will write some random blogposts also, but usually it will be an ootd or something like this.

So yesterday was again, kinda a bad day. My figure skating training went horrible, even worse than on tuesday, and I was so angry at myself why I skated so bad. But then, my trainer checked my skatingblades, and there was the problem. A week ago I had them sharpened in Groningen, which was the first time for me there. The man who sharpened them totally fucked them up. He ruined them so hard, that they are unrepairable. And figure skating blades are like €100 – €200,- and it takes a while to get used to them again (it can take from a month to a year)! And this happens to me in the middle of the competition season! So yeah, I was fucking upset, but luckily everybody from the my iceskating club was so sweet, and they are going to help me out. I will keep you posted! After that I had hiphop feminine danceclass. We did a very fast and exhausting choreo on Feedback from Janet Jackson. When I came home I wanted to chill out, but unfortunately I had a pile of dishes and constitutional law waiting for me… So I decided to make the best of it:


Well it doesn’t look that bad making homework this way, don’t you think? I worked till 2 o’ clock again and I still didn’t finish everything I needed to do… Thug life, I know.


I really love how al these candles look together, my favourite is the marble stone and the little candleglass.

I’m sorry for the fact that my latest posts were kinda negative. Luckily everything is going to change today, cause tonight I’m going to a concert in Amsterdam in Heineken Music Hall of, wait for it… J. fucking Cole! Aaaah I’m so exited (and I just can’t hide it, haha)! I think he’s a great rapper, I love his style and the fact that he tells stories with his music (and unfortunately not many rappers do that nowadays). Honestly, I only discovered his music recently, but my love for his music grew very quickly! I especially love the songs Forbidden Fruit and Born Sinner from his new album, Dream, Lights Please, In The Morning, I Get Up and Losing My Balance from his older albums. I’m going with my boyfriend, cause he enjoys his music as well.

xoxo Lilia

P.S. I hope somebody will understand the reference of the title of this blogpost, if you do, you’re fucking awesome and they’re my favourite book series by far!


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