I was kinda debating if I should post a ootd again today, or if I should post something else. And, as you can see, I choose to write a new episode of My series of (un)fortunate events. The last one I did was already a couple of weeks ago, so I thought it was appropriate to do a new one. The only thing is, is that my life isn’t that interesting at the moment. So if you don’t mind reading about me rambling about not that spectacular things that happened, keep reading, haha!

This week is my last week of uni, before the ‘holidays’ (read: 2 weeks of studying your ass of because your exams are the 6th and 10th of January). I already made kind of a schedule for my holidays. The first weekend, the 25th and 26th of December, NYE and the 1st of January are going to be my chill days. All the other days I need to study. I’m really stressing for my exams, because the subjects are very difficult and my goals are very high (I want at least 8/10). I’m a real perfectionist, so if I don’t know all the details, I have the feeling that I don’t know anything at all. I get the feeling that exactly the parts that I didn’t really get are the parts that are going to be questioned at the exams. So that’s why I can’t study for something ‘half’, I have to know everything, otherwise I’m stressing the fuck out. I know, I make it very hard for myself, but that’s just me. And, for my previous 2 exams I had two 9/10, so hard work does pay off. In the picture you can see my to do lists. I also made a schedule for all the posts I want to write during the holiday, so it’s like a lil’ sneakpeak for you guys :). I love making to do lists, I think they work very well for me. These to do lists are from the Hema.
My second semester starts on the 3rd of February. So if I pass both of my exams, I don’t have school or anything for 3 weeks! Ooh my god, that sounds so fucking amazing. If I work my ass of now, later on I can have 3 free weeks! I think it’s worth it.
Also, i’ve been trying to eat healthier the last couple of weeks. I also lost a couple of kilos (it wasn’t my intention, but it’s a nice thing haha). I always try to eat healthy, but at the moment I’ve discovered some nice tricks, and work very well for me. First thing, is that I have a enormous weak spot for hot chocolate, especially in the fall/winter. And I also love dairy products. But everytime I eat dairy, I feel my stomach isn’t responding to it that well (it isn’t that bad, but I still feel something isn’t totally right, if you know what I mean). So, I decided to switch it up and try almond milk. And I loved it! So then, I got inspired by this picture on Instagram:
Doesn’t that look delicious? I couldn’t read the recipe very well, so I decided to just try it myself (a.k.a. yolo style).
So this was all that I used! I used cacao powder without added sugar (mine iss called ‘Blooker Cacao’, but everything will do, just don’t use Nesquick), almond milk (I used Alpro Soya Almond Milk), some hot water and then I put it all in a blender (mine was €10,- from the Action and I love that thing!). The result was a very chocolat-y, but not that sweet drink. It wasn’t bitter though, because the almond milk has a bit of sweetness to it. I really recommend this if you want a healthy alternative to hot coco!
The other thing I’ve been doing recently is adding chia seeds to my Brinta porridge. I know that Brinta isn’t very healthy, but I don’t like the consistency of oatmeal (at least the times that I tried it, maybe I was doing something wrong). It was very sticky and slimy (ew), while Brinta is very tasty I think. So to make Brinta a little bit better, I added chia seeds. They don’t have any flavour, so you won’t taste them, but they are very good for you.
Well, I think I rambled on way too long, so I’m going to say bye-bye!
xoxo Lilia

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