I hope y’all had a nice christmas. My christmas was not that special. The restaurant we went to, called Baut, had only 1 menu, it was not à la carte. And the menu that they had was very strange, and nobody really liked it. So I only took pictures of the food that I did like, haha.

Yeah, just regular french fries… And they weren’t even that great unfortunately haha.
The dessert was good. It was chestnut cream with cinnamon and coffee syrup. Very strange combination, but it was nice.
Sneaky bathroom selfie! I took this photo in the restaurant, because I love the way I did my hair. I also was surprised that after a few hours it still was perfect :).
And this were the presents I got! The white thing is a jewellery box from Zara Home. It’s very big and spacious and it’s prettier than the old, small jewellery box I had. So I’m very happy that I got it. I also got a gel liner (it’s called Shimmer Ink) and eyeliner brush from Bobbi Brown. I don’t often use gel liner, but maybe this is a sign to start using it more, haha. The colour I got was Black Mauve 23, but it doesn’t look like a mauve to me. It looks more like cool dark brown colour. The black top (sorry for the crappy pic) actually wasn’t a gift. I bought it myself, I’m going to wear it on NYE. It’s also not a top but a body haha. The back is totally open, but I’m still going to wear a bra underneath it, but my mom is going to decorate it with glitters, so that it doesn’t look bad.
And another selfie (selfie overload haha). You can see my earrings very clearly here, they’re from H&M and I love them. I’m going to do a FOTD post later on!
Well that’s everything for today. Here in Holland we also have ‘Second Christmas day’, and I’m going to celebrate it at my boyfriend’s house. I talk to ya soon!
xoxo Lilia

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