Hello you!
Here in Holland we celebrate ‘second christmas day’. So, I hope all the Dutchies reading this had a nice Second Christmas day.  This year, I celebrated it at my boyfriend’s house. Because we didn’t see each other on the ‘real’ christmas day, we had to give our presents on this day.

The present he gave to me were the discopants from H&M. I was searching ages to find them in my size, and he found them for me. They are still a little bit loose though, but I hope my mom can fix that. I got him the shirt on the picture. It’s very westside 2pac swag, haha! I bought it from Asos.
The whole day we just chilled around. We had a nice dinner with his family. Afterwards, we played a boardgame called The Settlers Of Catan. I never played it before, but I really liked it. It’s not a very difficult game, but you still need to think about your moves to play smart. I love those kind of games. It’s similar to a computergame I played a lot when I was younger with my uncle, called Civilization (love that shit haha).
This is how the game looks like! I played the colour white, but unfortunately light brown won at the end, haha.
And this is a picture of how my make-up looked like that day. It’s very natural. I got inspired by a photo I saw in a magazine, and I tried to recreate it. I liked the way it turned out. Only thing is that the skin of the girl in the pic looked way prettier than mine, but my skin is very crappy in general, so yeah. I’m also going to post a seperate face of the day article about this make-up look! I didn’t do anything to my hair except sleeping on it, but the curls I made the day before lasted also this day. They’re a bit messier than the first day, but I like it that way.
If you were wondering why I’ve been a bit m.i.a. lately, the reason is that my bed was way too cozy. I have a photo for you:
Well, that looks cozy right? All those nice books about law! So yeah, I’ve been practically sleeping with all my study books, so I think you understand now that I have a lot of shit to do for my upcoming exams and that I don’t have a lot of time to do anything else.
By the way, I did find some time to update my Tumblr, so if you’re interested you can click here to go to my Tumblr page! I post a lot of random things that inspire me here, so maybe they inspire you too.
I hope you’re enjoying your holidays!
xoxo Lilia

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