My Spring Cleaning Routine + Free Printable Checklist!

With Spring season and its blooming cherry blossoms & the beautiful sunny days in its full swing, one of the lesser pleasures of this season is Spring cleaning. Deep cleaning your space can seem quite intimidating. The question "but where do I even start?" has often made me feel so overwhelmed, I end up binge-watching thrillers and devouring a pint of vegan Ben & Jerry's ice cream on my couch. However, there is no better feeling than finishing those cleaning tasks you have been laying off for ages. And with this blog post and the free printable it comes with, you will have the ultimate checklist to tackle all your Spring cleaning in an organized and efficient way. Because one of the most asked questions I've received is what my secret is to keeping my space so tidy & organized, I wanted to use this season as an opportunity to spill all the details with you. So if you need that extra Spring cleaning motivation, keep reading!

I've been living on my own for almost ten years now (how time flies). Ever since I moved out at 18 years old, I would remind myself what a blessing it was to have my own place. I promised myself to take the great care of my personal space. This promise to myself is what fueled my cleaning habits later on in life. It has enabled me to keep my light & neutral apartment looking tidy, all the time (all right, almost all the time, haha). However, even when you have great daily cleaning habits set in place, your home does require a deep clean once in a while.

Every time Spring comes around, I dedicate some days to completely deep clean my whole apartment. This year, I wanted to make my Spring cleaning routine a bit more structured and organized, so that is why I decided to create a Spring cleaning video and a full checklist with all the possible tasks you need to do and all the spots you need to clean in your home, with a focus on those you tend to forget. And because we do not gate keep here, I wanted to share this Spring cleaning checklist with you as well!



You can download the Spring Cleaning Checklist 2022 Printable here. In addition, I wanted to add that I specifically created this Spring cleaning checklist for smaller spaces or apartments. Most of these printables I've seen on Pinterest where for big homes, and I wanted to make sure that people who live in smaller homes or 1 bedrooms like me would have a dedicated checklist too!

I hope this sparks that cleaning mood within you! Also, don't forget to watch my Spring Cleaning video for some extra cleaning motivation - it makes it seem like we are cleaning our spaces together. Aside from cleaning my whole space, I also show you a full vegan grocery haul fridge restock.

Have you started with your Spring cleaning yet?

xo Lilia

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