Hi guys!
This Saturday, I was invited together with my bestie Okkie to go to a cool event. It was a vintage sale, organised by One Piece Vintage in The Hague. The idea was that you would buy a paper bag for €30, which you could fill with all the vintage pieces you could find in the store, until your bag was full. You can imagine that everybody tried to put in waayy to much clothing in the bag, haha! I had the possibility to check out all the clothing before the big mass came, which was pretty cool if you ask me. Because damn, the queue was so long when I left! I was really happy that I got the change to shop peacefully before they all arrived haha. And of course, I thrifted some great pieces :). I’m going to ‘take you with me’ to this event, because I made a lot of pictures, so it will almost feel like you were there as well! At the end, there’s also going to be a vintage haul part, so stay tuned for that!

Just look at all of these amazing vintage pieces! Don’t you think they look so awesome together? I love thrifting, but the only thing that I don’t really like about it, is that it can take sooo long before you’ll find something cool. There is a lot (emphasize on the lot) of crap in thriftstores. Vintage sales like this are perfect if you want to avoid that. The peeps here select everything theirselves and I have to say, the collection was da bomb.
Oh, just me, casually browsing through the clothing ;).
Trying on some pieces! I love this coat, I think it looks so grandpa swaggy (in a good way, haha!).
One Piece Vintage is a company that only started 14 months ago, but they already have big plans for the future (I like that shit!). They want to start doing these sales 6 times a year in a couple of different cities. Well, I wish them the best of luck, because I loved their clothing and I think a lot of you will as well :). 
The DJs who definitely turned up turning up ;).
One Piece Vintage also sells vintage lifestyle decorations. I had to take a picture of this set up, because I think it looks perfectly together!
Now onto the best part of this post, all the stuff that I got at the event! Everything I got was, as I said before, €30 in total, which is ridiculously cheap for all of this, if you ask me.
Let’s not save the best for last, ’cause these shorts are my favourite thing I got. They’re real Levi’s and I’m soooo freaking in love with them. I wear my black pair of thrifted Levi’s almost errday in the summer, but I wanted a light wash as well for a really long time. Now I finally have them! They fit perfectly: they’re highwaisted and pretty form-fitting, but not too tight, which makes them still hella comfortable. Yes, this definitely my best find!
Next up are these two oversized flannels. They’re big and soft, which makes them really cosy to wear, especially in the fall/winter. I love to pair flannels like these as cardis over my outfits, or wear them as dresses with a belt. I always wear a lot of flannels all year round, because I use them when I go to danceclass, so they come in really handy!
I also got this cropped sweater with a turtle neck. Yes, I said cropped and turtle neck. Could there be anything more perfect for Lilia? No, I don’t think so. If you read my blogposts closely (I’m sure you don’t, haha), you know that I was on the lookout for a more fitted sweater. Well, now I found it + it has a turtle neck which makes it even more perfect! I think I’m going to pair it with the Levi’s shorts, some chunky boots and a panty, because that would make a fucking amazing outfit (plotwist: what if I already wore that ;)…). 
Last up is this satin blouse that looks just like PJs. Which is freaking cool if you ask me. Who doesn’t want to walk around in PJs all day right? I really like the length of this blouse, because I can wear it as a dress or tucked in my jeans without having all those visible, awkward lines showing through too much. And don’t get me started on the colour. I mean baby blue, you can never go wrong with baby blue right?
And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. I just came back from a hardcore danceclass. We had oldskool house lessons and omg, that stuff is killing. Now I need to clean my room and finish my homework. Uggh, way too busy as always, but I rather have a busy than a boring life :). Have a good evening guys and talk to you later! And thanks again to One Piece Vintage for having me :).
xo Lilia


  1. October 2, 2014 / 20:21

    Toffe items heb je gescoord! En ook nog voor een leuke prijs 🙂

  2. October 3, 2014 / 14:46

    oh wat een leuk event leek dit! ik stond ook op de lijst voor early entrance, maar kon helaas niet meer! jammer jammer. echt leuke spullen heb je gehaald!

    • October 3, 2014 / 17:37

      jaa was superleuk! echt jammer idd dat je er niet kon zijn, en dankjewel 🙂 xo

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