Hey you,

It’s time for a ootd again. I actually wore this yesterday, so it’s not really a ootd, but shh don’t tell! Yesterday I had a very busy day. I had class till 1 and when I arrived at home I needed to do like a gianormous amount of homework, I’m not kidding. And today it’s the same, because of the not so amazing university schedule I have. And yeah I was always the person who didn’t do their homework like ever at highschool, but everything changed when I started studying law at uni. I don’t know, I just want to be a kick ass laywer,  like Harvey in Suits (love that show, can’t wait till the new season starts again!). So every time I stuDYING I’m telling myself that to keep me motivated haha. Ooh and if all the homework isn’t enough already, I also have figure skating practice today… Okay sorry for the complaining and rambling haha, here’s the outfit:


I’m wearing a sweater from H&M (I love the colour and the neckline), very stretchy jeans from Stradivarius and Vans. Jewellery wise I’m wearing a necklace from Bijou Brigitte, rings from H&M and River Island and the usual armswag. It’s a very casual outfit, but in times like these I don’t want to think about my outfits too long, cause there’s already a lot going on in my head haha. But I still think I look presentable right (haha)? Well that’s it for today, I hope you have a not as busy day as me!

xoxo Lilia


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