Hello there,

It’s time for another ootd today. I had a kind of a bad day yesterday, my figure skating training went super crappy, cause I was tired of sleeping around 2 o’ clock in the morning and not eating that well… The last couple of weeks I get exhausted so easily, I think it’s because of all stress at school, late sleeping and not eating enough cause I really don’t have the time. I know that I need to change it, I just don’t know how… Maybe I want too much at the same time? Well enough of this bullshit for now.

The outfit I wore yesterday was inspired by a pic I saw on Tumblr:


I really like the style of this, it’s casual but put together at the same time. So here’s my take on the outfit:


I’m wearing a very old baggy tee, flannel, leggings with leather panels and frilly socks from H&M (yeah I know H&M overload). My cutout booties are from Invito. Jewellery wise I’m wearing a cross necklace from River Island and my armcandy. My outfit and the one from Tumblr are not totally the same, but I do think there is a resemblance. I like the way it turned out. Talk to you soon!

xoxo Lilia


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