It’s time for a ootd again! I’m so happy that it’s wednesday, cause it is the last really busy day of my week. So now I have time to chill, finally! Of course, I still need to do a lot of homework, but it’s not that stressful as at the beginning of the week. In some way it’s also a bit boring, not having a lot to do on a day. But once in a while everybody needs that, I think. I’m also very excited for tomorrow, because I’m going to Almere with a friend to shop our fucking ass of at Primark haha! I’ve never been in the Primark in Almere, I’ve only been to the Primark in Hoofddorp once, and that was literally years ago. So I’m pumped to shop a lot of cheap-but-not-so-crappy clothing there! There’s also a Bershka, a store that I also love. It’s like a more fashionable and exclusive H&M for me haha. Well let’s go to the outfit!

I’m wearing a sweater from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It’s the only designers clothingpiece I have. My mom gave it to me when I finished second at a figure skating competition this year. The quality is amazing, it’s very thick and soft, and I love the cute little frenchie on it. The skaterskirt is from H&M, the thermopanty is from Action (my fave), the frilly socks are also from H&M and the cutout boots are from Invito. Jewellery wise I’m wearing a chain from Bijou Brigitte, rings from H&M, Urban Outfitters and River Island and my daily armcandy. I really love the combination of a big sweater with a skaterskirt. I think it’s a great way to wear a skirt a bit differently and without looking very girly. I hope you like this outfit!
xoxo Lilia

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