Hi guys!

I had a very boring weekend. The only thing I could do was homework, homework and even more homework. And I’m not even done with half of it. Yeah I know, my life really sucks at the moment. Luckily I had some time (well actually not, but I wanted to do it anyway) to take some photos. I only had time to do it in the evening, so I hope you don’t mind the artificial lighting. I still think they look pretty good. I actually wanted to wear something else for these pics, but my boyfriend convinced me to wear this instead. It’s kinda simple, but I think it looks nice! I’m also wearing new clothingpieces that I bought previous week, so if you were interested to see how they look on, here you go!

I know, I’m really posing on this picture, but I still liked it though. I also like this picture because you can see the finish of my jeans clearly. They’re very shiny, but they’re not faux leather. I bought them at H&M.

Later I decided to throw my hair up in a ponytail. I think it looks nice with this outfit, especially with a scrunchy (haha I told you, scrunchies are not as terrible as you think). The scrunchy is from Primark. My sweater is also from Primark and my chain is from Bijou Brigitte. I’m also wearing Vans and the daily armcandy. Ooh and the lipcolour I’m wearing is from Catrice (Tell Me A Berry-Tale, I think the names Catrice thinks of are always so cute) and the nailpolish is from Inglot (727).

Some outfit details, I love the combination of the textured sweater with the shiny golden chain. Well, these were the ‘serious’ photos, now on to the not so serious ones haha!

Can you see how guilty I look and feel? I just can’t help it that we have all this fucking tasty chocolate at home, I had to eat it… In the winter it’s harder for me to not crave unhealthy things, it’s just so cosy to drink some hot coco or eat chocolate while watching a film underneath a blanket… Okay I need to stop, otherwise I will start again haha!

And this is an action photo of me working haha… Don’t I look very serious while editing the pictures?

Last, but not least, I have a kiss for you for reading this blogpost haha! I hope you had a better weekend then I did, and I probably ‘see’ you tomorrow!

xoxo Lilia


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