Hey ya,
Today I have a ootd for you containing my more professionally taken photos. I didn’t had time to upload this post yesterday, because the internet in the train was crappy and when I arrived at home it was already too late. I hope you don’t mind the fact that I kinda screwed up my schedule and that you had one blogpost less this week… I know that I’m wearing a sweater and some jeans again in these photos, and that it’s not very fashion forward. It’s just too cold to not wear something warm and cosy like sweaters in The Netherlands. I do think that this outfit looks differently from the previous one I did last weekend, despite the fact I’m also wearing a sweater and the same jeans there. I think the overall styling can make the same clothingpieces look very different, and I hope you agree seeing these pics!

I really like the look of a all black outfit, especially in the winter. The trick of pulling of an all black outfit is to use a variaty of textures. In this outfit for example, I’m wearing a very fluffy and a leatherlooking texture. My outfit is totally black, but because of the different textures it’s still interesting to look at.
I think I look very innocent in this picture (but of course, I’m not haha).
I really like the combination of the fluffy sweater, the white collar and the golden chain, I think it looks classy and edgy at the same time.
I’m made this photo black and white, because now you can see the fluffy texture of the sweater very clearly.
I think this is my favourite picture of them all, because my hair looks so shiny and nice here, haha!
And okay, this ootd also needed a swag photo…
I’m wearing a very very fluffy sweater from New Look (I finally found the perfect one, I was looking everyone for a sweater like this) and a white blouse (you only see the collar) from The Sting. The coated jeans are from H&M and I’m also wearing some Vans. Jewellery wise I’m wearing rings from H&M, River Island and Urban Outfitters, my chain from Bijou Brigitte and my daily bracelets. I hope you have a nice day, and I talk to you tomorrow!
xoxo Lilia


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