I hope you are not getting bored of all the ootd’s (well probably not, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this haha), but today I have another for you! And I warn you, this outfit consists of a lot of swag… Just kidding! One of the biggest trends at the moment is tying a flannel around your hips. I think it looks very hiphop-ish and I always feel like dancing when I have my flannel tied around my hips (probably because I always do that when I have danceclass). I think we’re going to see a lot of other hiphop influences in the future of fashion as well. The nineties are slowly making a comeback in the fashion scene, and hiphop was big(gie) those days! My style was always inspired by hiphop, so if hiphop inspired clothing will be the next big thing in the fashion world, I won’t feel that original anymore. Ooh well, that’s the thug life of being a hipster, hahaha… But yeah, my love for hiphop is to big to be influenced by what’s in or out, I’m always gonna wear it!

Ooh god, so much swag in one picture hahaha. The jacket I’m wearing is from Asos Petite. I love the fact that Asos has a special petite clothingline, for petite girls like me! Despite the fact that the denim jacket is very oversized, it still doesn’t swallow me completely, if you know what I mean, and I think that’s due to the fact that it’s especially made for petite girls. and the shirt is from Criminal Damage. I bought it in the sale at Asos, so it was very cheap! It says ‘Give in to me’, so it sounds like Givenchy haha! The high waisted stretchy jeans and the flannel are from H&M. I’m also wearing my beloved Vans and grey Carhartt beanie.  The chain is from Bijou Brigitte, my rings are from H&M, River Island and Urban Outfitters. Ooh and I can’t forget my daily armswag.
Well I guess that’s it for this blogpost. I don’t really have anything else to say to you… So I hope you have a great wednesday and I see ya tomorrow with a new post!
xoxo Lilia

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