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First of all, merry merry christmas to you! I hope you all have a wonderful time with your family :). Half of my family is in Russia at the moment (my uncle and my grandmother), so I can’t see them during christmas. It’s unfortunate, but I hope to see them again soon.The outfit I’m going to show you today is my christmas outfit. I’m going to have dinner at a restaurant in Amsterdam with my mom, her boyfriend and family and some of her friends. For me, christmas is a perfect occasion to go full on with my hair and make-up. Usually, I don’t have the time to do my hair and make-up perfectly. But when it’s christmas, I have the whole day to make myself feel pretty, haha! In this post, I’m only going to show you my outfit. I’m going to make a separate post about my hair and make-up, so keep on the lookout for that!

My outfit is actually kind of last minute. Most of my clothingitems are in Groningen, but for the holidays I’m at my mothers’ home. I took some clothing with me, but not that much. So I had to work with what I had, haha! Well, let me start with the most amazing piece I’m wearing: my shoes. They are Sam Edelman Lorissa’s, and I love them so much. When I saw them a couple of years ago, I immediately fell in love. At that moment, I thought they were the most perfect shoes I had ever seen, and my opinion never changed. They’re classy from the front, but edgy from the back, because of all the studs and spikes. They’re one of the few designer pieces I own. At first, I didn’t want to buy them, because they were so expensive. But then, I saw them in a small shop in Alkmaar, with 60% off! So I had to get them. I don’t wear them often, because I don’t want to damage them, and to be honest, they aren’t very comfortable unfortunately. But they are worth the pain haha!

The lace top I’m wearing is actually a dress from H&M. The skaterskirt is also from H&M. I’m also wearing statement earrings from H&M, my daily bracelets and rings from H&M, Urban Outfitters and River Island. I don’t remember where my tights are from.

Well that’s it for today! Have fun today and I hope you got a lot of nice presents haha 🙂

xoxo Lilia


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