Hello errbody!
Aah, my first post in 2014! So first of all, happy new year! Looking back, 2013 was a good year for me. A lot has changed during this year. Many good and bad things happened this year, and I know how cheesy that’s sounds haha. But after all this, I’m so ready to start a new year, fresh as fuck haha!
I celebrated NYE with my boyfriend and friends at Encore in Amsterdam. Encore is my favourite party place to be. I love the fact that they only play hiphop, R&B, dancehall and that kind of shit. Hiphop is my favourite music ever. I love it when you’re in the club and you can show all of your swag hiphop moves on your favourite hiphop songs! Too bad that there aren’t a lot of clubs nowadays here in Holland where they play hiphop music, everything is house, deephouse and techno :(. Personally, I think the music is the most important thing in a club, it can really make or break my experience there. But Encore at the Melkweg is by far (the main thing, thank you) my favourite place to be. It was a really fun night, but at the end of the party my boyfriend and I lost our friends in the crowd, so we couldn’t say goodbye. We also had to wait for 45 minutes on the first train at the trainstation to go home, so that was also kind of a bummer. But it was still a good night!

Turn it up, haha! I’m wearing a lace body with an open back from Bershka and I totally forgot to make a photo of the back… Stupid me, because the back was very pretty, I wore a black glitter bra underneath it, so you could see all the glitters peaking through. My mom sewed all the glitters on the bra herself, as I said before, she’s very talented with all sewing related things haha. I’m also wearing discopants from H&M, which my mom also altered, because they were too big for my petite body, haha. I’m wearing my good old Vans, gold chain from Bijou Brigitte and my daily armswag.
How was your NYE? I hope you all had a splendid night, just like I did (for the most part)!
xoxo Lilia
P.S. Okay, this might sound very groupie-ish and not so interesting to you, but I kinda spaced when I saw that Pete Philly, my favourite (Dutch) rapper, liked this ootd on Instagram. I’ve been to his concert 2 times and I also met him by accident at the trainstation in Rotterdam Central. He’s such an amazing person and sweet guy, as far as I ‘know’ him of course. But I do think you can get to ‘know’ a person just by listening to the music that he makes or likes. I just feel connected with him through his creations. They have a very positive and powerful effect on my thoughts. So I dunno, maybe I sound like a groupie, but I think it’s deeper than that. I like to see it as a kind of friendship through his music, because he has helped me grow as a person with his sounds and lyrics. I think of him as a friend, a person who helps me with my problems, without him really knowing that haha. I hope he will read this some time, or I can tell him this in person. By the way favourite song is Time Flies, I can listen to it forever.



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