I have new ootd for you, taken with my nice camera (say yay!). I think they came out great this time as well. I love doing it so much! But it was very cold, at some point I couldn’t even feel my hands anymore… And why the hell did I decide to wear a croptop during the winter? I know, I’m cray. Haha but everything for my blog right? I do like shooting outside way more than inside, so it’s worth it. I’m just hoping that the weather is going to warm up a bit some time soon! But I have to say, previous year there was fucking snow in Holland. And although you can make very pretty pictures in the snow, the public transport here almost immediately dies if there is something wrong with the weather. And I depend on the train for travelling between university and my mom’s home, so I’m crossing my fingers it’s not going to snow this year. Anyways, my boyfriend and I made some pictures at the same location as my previous ootd, but also found another place that we liked. So leggo!

We went to the same bridge were we also took photos of my previous ootd (click here!). I think the village were we live in has a lot of beautiful places. A lot of fashionbloggers make photos in big cities, but I like the fact that I have access to more suburban places. I want to shoot in the city Groningen as well, but I just didn’t had the chance yet. But there are a lot of pretty locations there too.
I’m wearing an oversized flannel from Zara. It’s so soft! I absolutely love the material flannels are made of, it’s perfect if you want to be cosy and warm, but a knitted cardigan doesn’t look nice with your outfit! The croptop (or cropped top?) I’m wearing is from Criminal Damage, and I got it on sale at Asos. The discopants are from H&M, and the Vans, well they’re from Vans haha! I’m also wearing my daily armcandy and my chain from Bijou Brigitte.
I especially like these 2 pictures. I think the lighting isbeautiful here. I love the not-so-urban feel of these pictures. I think the trees here look very cool and mysterious.
Some close-ups of the outfit that I’m wearing. The shirt says ‘Give in to me’ in stead of Givenchy. I really like all the ironic designer texts on shirts. I think it’s a funny way to say that you don’t give a fuck about designer items.
I’m glad I’m posting more ootd lately. I kinda missed doing them, so I’m happy I can compensate! If you can’t get enough of my ootd (that would be very sweet, haha) I have a lot of them coming, so don’t worry!
xoxo Lilia
P.S. My layout is changing constantly! But I love the way it looks right now! Let me know what you think :).

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