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Sorry for this late post, but I still wanted to get it up today! You probably thought that after my 2 Dubai diary posts and my Dubai haul I would be finished with all my Dubai related blogposts. Well you’re wrong haha. ‘Cause I have a lot of Dubai themed blogposts coming up. Because I had a lot of time when I was Dubai, I could make a lot of ootd’s there. I know that these outfits are not that wearable at the moment (at least in Holland, if you’re from a warmer country than I’m very jealous, haha), so think of them as inspiration for the upcoming spring and summer! So leggo

We shooted in the Mall of the Emirates. Yeah, it had a fountain inside. You would never find that in a mall in Holland haha!
I’m wearing a dress and a slouchy cardi from Brandy Melville. I’m wearing a leopard bandeau underneath the dress from Stradivarius. I don’t know where my sandals are from, ’cause I bought them in a small shop during my trip to Lloret de Mar previous summer. I love the colour of them, they match with my skintone. And I also love the studding, it makes them look a bit more edgy. I’m also wearing my daily armswag, of course! I was very glad that I founded them, because I was searching for nice sandals for ages. The pairs I liked were very uncomfortable. This pair was pretty, comfortable and very cheap too!
Haha I feel like a real Brandy girl now :). Brandy Melville is one of my favourite stores, so I don’t mind. Their clothes feels so comfy and soft. They are pricey, but I think they’re worth it, because of the good quality of the materials.
I love the model of this dress. I think it’s very flattering for my body. I also really like the open back. Good excuse to wear a pretty bandeau underneath it!
I hope you liked this simple outfit. I love wearing simple things during the summer, because it’s usually too hot to worry about your clothes haha. I love to wear comfy and loose things during the warmer days. How about you?
xoxo Lilia


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