Hi you!
Yeah, time for a new ootd from Dubai!  I hope you are not getting too bored of seeing all these summery outfits I wore in Dubai haha… I wish we had that kind of weather in Holland at the moment… Today the weather is kinda nice though, no crappy rain or that kind of shit, so keep your fingers crossed that it will stay that way :). The outfit I’m going to sow you today is my favourite outfit I wore during my trip to Dubai. I don’t believe in saving the best for last, so I’m going to show you it today (and yeah, I still have outfits from Dubai to post haha)!

Aren’t these fountains so pretty? They kept changing colour and size, so it was very cool to look at. I think the photos turned out great as well, despite the fact that it was already dark outside. 
I’m wearing a oversized baseball shirt from Forever 21, that I bought in Dubai. I was looking for a shirt like this for ages, so I’m very glad that I found it during my trip. It’s very big and loose, but it doesn’t look like I’m wearing an old shirt from my brother or something (or do I? I hope nog haha). My shorts are from Bershka and my flannel is from H&M. I love wearing flannels this way, especially with shorter shorts, because they don’t look that short anymore (so many shorts in one sentence haha). The gold chain that I’m wearing is from the Primark and I think it’s suits the sporty gangsta style of this outfit perfectly. I’m also rocking my very old navy All Stars, that I almost never wear. But I think they also go well with this outfit. I need to wear them more haha! Ooh and of course, my daily armswag as well.
 We took these pictures outside the Dubai Mall. If you’re ever planning to go to Dubai, you definitely need to visit it. It’s so big, I’ve never been in such a big mall in my life, haha. It’s very overwhelming.

I hope you liked this outfit as much as I do! My very glad that I bought the shirt in Dubai, it’s already one of my faves! And ooh, no jewellery close-ups this time, hope you don’t mind, haha!
xoxo Lilia
PS. I got invited for a selection interview for Honours College! I’m so happy, I just have to rock the interview, and than my dream will come true! Haha it’s even strange to say it, but I’ve worked so hard for it… It’s on Valentine’s Day (yeah I know, great timing), so I hope they gonna feel my love for Honours College… Haha just kidding!


  1. February 14, 2014 / 23:34

    The city looks alive with those lights and your outfit is really laidback swag! Good luck on your interview! Break a leg (but not really) lol.

    • February 15, 2014 / 12:28

      yeah the city was beautiful! and ah thank you so much, you can read a bit about my interview in my next post 🙂 x

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