Ah I kinda missed doing these. Outfit of the days with my iPhone, haha. My first blogposts always contained ootd’s that made with my iPhone, but after I discovered the wonderful world of Canon cameras I was sold. I couldn’t make a photo with my iPhone without thinking ‘wtf do you call this a photo?! Give me my Canon and I show you what a real photo is!’, haha. But there’s one downside to making very nice photos. It’s lots of fucking work. If you take a photo with your iPhone it’s like ‘ooh my hair doesn’t look that great, but who cares, it’s not like somebody is going to notice it’, while if you take a photo with a Canon camera it’s ‘omg I instantly see 32993 spots that I didn’t see in real life, crap!’. Haha I know, struggles! And there’s also the fact that you need to have someone taking photos for you, otherwise you just can’t take a nice picture. So yeah, it was kinda refreshing to make an ootd with my iPhone again. I really loved the outfit I wore, so I wanted to show it to you immediately. It contains all the new goodies I bought 2 days ago (click!).

Ah I really like how an all black outfit looks. It always looks very put together, classy and mysterious I think. Or that’s at least how I feel haha! The trick to wearing all black without looking like a goth is to mix textures. I’m wearing an chiffon top, a cotton blazer, jeans and leather booties. So there is a lot of texture going on, which makes it less monotone and interesting to look at.
I’m wearing a very old blazer from NAF NAF. It’s actually the first blazer I’ve ever bought in my life haha. I was around 14 years old I think and around that time the blazer was just breaking through as a ‘normal’ everyday piece, in stead of being only for work and such. I loved this one so much, because it was made of cotton, which made it very casual for a blazer. And 5 years later I’m still wearing and loving it! Always staying petite has its benefits, haha. My lace top and highwaisted jeans are from H&M. My cross necklace and my boots are from River Island. And of course, my daily armswag as well!
That’s it for today! By the way, if you still prefer my outfitphotos that I’ve took with my Canon camera, tune in tomorrow… Have a great day guys!
xoxo Lilia

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