Hello guys!
Today I have a very spring-ish outfit of the day for ya! The weather has been very nice here in Holland, which makes me very excited for spring 2014 :). I just love wearing light, pastely colours, in stead of all black (I still love my black though, don’t worry, haha!). Only thing I don’t like about spring is that the figure skating season comes to an end, and I have to wait for 6 months until it starts again… I also still haven’t heard about my Honours College results, and I want to know it so badly! Aaargh don’t they understand that it’s nerve wracking to wait so long on the results, haha. They said they would let us know this week, but this week is already almost over… So stressful, haha!

My lilac sweater is from Zara. It was only €20,-, which is really cheap for a sweater in general I think and even more because it’s from Zara. It’s also made from a very nice cotton material. It feels heavy, but it’s not too thick, so you can still wear it during the spring without getting sweaty and shit, haha. I’m wearing a nude blouse underneath it, from H&M. A white blouse would also look very nice with this sweater.
The jeans I’m wearing are from Bershka, but I did customize them. First, they were just ripped jeans, but because the holes were getting bigger and bigger, I decided to sew black lace at the ripped spaces. I really like how the jeans look now, I think it makes them look very unique. Only thing is that I also made a hole in the lace material, so now I have a hole in a hole (holeception haha). I need to fix it though.
I’m also wearing my trusty Vans, some dainty necklaces and rings from H&M and my daily armcandy.
I tried to make this outfit very spring-ish and light. Every colour is very toned down and pastel-y. The nude Vans and blouse, the light blue denim and the lilac sweater: perfect for spring, don’t you think? I love wearing these kind of outfits during the spring in Holland. It’s usually not that warm here, so you can’t wair anything really lightweight, otherwise you will be freezing. But these kind of sweaters are perfect, because they still feel spring-ish, without being too thin.
I hope you’re enjoying the nice weather as much as I do. You’re probably just as excited for spring as I am, haha!
xoxo Lilia

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