Okay, I’ve been really into pastels lately, because I have another pastel themed ootd for you today. This time it isn’t lilac, but mint, one of my favourite pastel colours. Do you remember the mint mania a couple of years ago? It started with a limited edition nailpolish from Chanel, Jade I think. Since that polish, everybody wanted minty nails. After a while, everybody wanted everything minty, haha! The mint trend kinda faded away, and made room for pastels in general. Especially baby blue and baby pink are going to be hot this spring I think. All the fashionmodels and bloggers are already rocking these colours, especially with coats and sweaters (because let’s be honest, it’s way too cold to be wearing pastel coloured shorts or something like that). But I didn’t want to forget about my trusty minty top, and because it was so nice outside I decided to wear it (for the first this time yeah!).

This top has actually a very long story. I bought it 3 years ago at the Topshop in Barcelona (first time I bought something at Topshop, it’s so expensive there) and I loved it so much. It was the perfect top for partying, because it was so light and felt so soft. You could wear a croptop underneath it, without showing too much skin, but because the fabric was so thin, you didn’t sweat either. Yeah, I really really loved this top. But then, my grandma accidentally burned it while ironing. Of course, it was an accident, but it was still a bummer, because I loved this top so much and I knew that I wouldn’t find it anymore (the accident happened 6 months later). But then, I still found it at the Topshop website, but only in size XL. So I was like, hell no, the top is already kinda big, no way an XL will look good on me. But my mom insisted on ordering it still, because she had a plan for it, haha. She wanted to use the old top as a stencil and the new top for the fabric and make a whole new one. And the top that I’m wearing in this outfit is the outcome, haha. Yeah I told you, it was a long story haha!
So yeah, the top is from Topshop (surprise…), the cropped tank I’m wearing underneath it is from Stradivarius. The cropped tanktop is so handy to have. I have a lot of tanktops that are just a bit too sheer, so I have to wear a tanktop underneath it. But if you do that, you won’t have a croptop anymore. But because this tanktop is also cropped, it’s perfect to wear underneath sheer croptops.  The fluffy cardigan is from H&M, as well as the highwaisted jeans. I’m also wearing my beige Vans, my daily armcandy and my dainty necklaces from H&M.
That’s it for today’s post, I see ya tomorrow!
xoxo Lilia

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