Hi there!
The pastels keep on coming, because today I also have a pastely themed outfit for you… I hope you’re not getting bored of all the pastely tones in my outfits (you’re probably more bored of my all black outfits, haha). But yolo, it’s spring right (well almost…), why not enjoy it? But this outfit actually kinda combines my love for black and pastels. Wearing pastely colours with black makes the outfit look less girly and a bit more edgy. The black ‘canvas’ makes the pastels pop, if you know what I mean.

Because it was so warm outside, I wasn’t freezing without my coat. The first time, yeah! It’s really hard to have a natural, pretty expression on your face when you’re so fucking cold haha.
You can see the rays of the sun in this photo, so nice haha! Can’t wait until I really don’t have to wear a coat when I’m outside.
The photos on this bench were my favourite. I don’t know why, I just really like how they turned out. I need to make more photos while I’m sitting down, haha.
I’m wearing a white blouse from The Sting (it’s actually a high-low blouse, but I tucked it in, so you can’t see it). The lilac sweater is from Zara. My beanie and my high waisted jeans are from H&M. The beanie is very big and slouchy, so I kinda feel like a thief wearing it, haha. But I still like it though! I’m also wearing my monster booties from River Island.

It’s always fun when your bestie is taking pictures of you! She always makes me laugh so hard, in half of the photos that we took I’m laughing and crying at the same time because she’s so funny. And yes, I’m not gonna post them here, haha.

Jewellery wise I’m wearing rings from H&M, my daily armcandy and some dainty necklaces from H&M. I really like how my nude nails look together with the gold rings.
By the way, I kinda had a question for you guys. Do you like it when a blog posts on certain, regular times, or do you don’t mind? And do you like it when the post is uploaded in the morning, afternoon or evening? I know that a lot of bloggers post their blogposts everyday early in the morning. I couldn’t manage to post my articles so early, so I decided that 1 o’ clock would be my ‘posting time’. But lately, I haven’t had a lot of time to write my blogposts, so I’ve been uploading them in the evening. At first I thought that it was kinda bad, because I wanted to be very steady and regular with my timing, but then I started thinking. I check my Bloglovin’ account a couple of times a day, and especially in the afternoon and evening. I don’t really pay attention around what time new blogposts are uploaded, I just want to have something to read. And if every blog posts in the morning, I’ve probably read them all in the afternoon, which means that I don’t have anything to read in the evening. So then I thought, there are probably more people ‘struggling’ with this haha, so why not start posting more in the evening? Well, these are my thoughts, I’m interesting on your opinion on this!
xoxo Lilia


  1. Anonymous
    March 13, 2014 / 22:10

    I don’t really mind when your posts are coming up online, I like the fact that it always is a surprise ;-). And i think the combination of the sweater with the shirt underneath it and the thin necklaces looks awesome!

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