Hi guys!
Late night posting… Today I had my last schoolday before my next exams. The thought makes me kinda nervous… I’m not ready yet to have examstress again… But oh well, you can’t do anything about it right? I had a busy day: I woke up early, because I needed to sign a kind of contract for my new studio. Yeah, it’s almost official, I’m gonna take it! So happy about it! Only thing is that they won’t paint the walls, so that is kinda a bummer (’cause they first said they would…). I don’t know if I’m going to paint the walls myself, or if I just let them be like they were. I’m also really into looking at nice interior pictures for inspiration. I want the all white theme that I had in my old room as well, because I still love it. I hope I will have enough space to add a clothing rack and a make-up table. That would be a dream come true haha. But now on to the outfit :).

For this outfit I got inspired by this pic from Kylie Jenner that I saw on Tumblr. Haha, haven’t you noticed how many times I got inspired by Tumblr? Yeah, that’s why I love that site! By the way, I’ve your interested in my Tumblr, click here. But yeah, I’m a real KUWTK lover (although I haven’t watched it for a long time), and I really like the overall Kardashian style. The outfit is very simple, but I still really got inspired by it. Kylie just looks so good! And I love all black, you know that, haha.
And this is my take on her outfit! It’s not totally the same, but I wanted to spice it up a bit more than Kylie did. And it was also a bit too cold to be wearing a croptop without any cardigan. I’m wearing a croptop with a little turtleneck from River Island. I think this style of croptop can be tricky, but I like how it looks on me. I’m also wearing my warm and fluffy cardi from H&M. My already very loved highwaisted jeans are from H&M as well. I’ve been wearing them loads, because they look fucking swag and they are so comfortable! And they also don’t make your butt look awkward, like some highwaisted pants do, haha. My black monster booties are from River Island. Jewellery wise I’m wearing my daily armcandy and my dainty necklaces from H&M.
I also parted my hair in the middle and tapped a bit of MAC Diva lipstick on my lips, to make myself look more similar to Kylie. You can’t see her make-up that well, because of the black and white picture, but I know that she likes to rock a dark lip. I really like how this look turned out: it’s black, edgy and daring, just what I like!
Now I’m going to make myself pasta with salmon, because I’m very tired after figure skating practice. After that I’m probably gonna watch a series and then go to bed. I should be studying though, but I’m just not in the mood, a bit too much lately. Better luck tomorrow right?
xoxo Lilia


    • March 24, 2014 / 16:12

      Dankjewel, zal ik nodig hebben haha! En ja ik doe toevallig al mee 🙂 xx

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