3 is a good number right? So 3 outfit of the days is also good? Well I hope it is, ’cause this is going to be my third one on a row this week! I just really wanna get through all of these old ootd’s that I made in my old room & before I went to the hairdressers. The past belongs in the past haha! But yeah, I think it’s kinda good that I’m posting a lot of outfits now, ’cause I posted almost none previous month! Compensating is good right?

I’m wearing a knock-off/inspired Alexander Wang parental advisory shirt from Primark. I love the oversized fit of it and the fact that it has see through mesh detailing.
I paired it with some baggy jeans from G Star. I really like these jeans now, but I totally forgot about them. I found them somewhere in the back of my closet. They’re not the most on trend baggy jeans actually (they’re way baggier at your ass haha), but I actually like the more ‘swag’ vibe of them. I like to follow trends, but I don’t like to conform too much. Wearing these less trendy baggy jeans is a great way to follow a trend that you like and still look different (hipsterrr haha). I rolled up the bottom of the jeans, so you could see my monster sandals from Duffy better (I bought them at Nelly). I think the sandals really complement the shirt that I’m wearing. I think baggy jeans and heels don’t look that good together, except if the heels are very chunky, like these ones!
Jewellery wise I’m wearing my rose gold chain and my daily armswag. I’m also wearing a dark, vampy lipstick from MAC (the colour is called Diva). I’m also rocking black nailpolish on my toes. I think the contrast with the white sandals is really cool. I also wanna paint my toes white while wearing these shoes one time, ’cause I think the all white look would look also nice!
At the moment I’m sitting in the train. The rain totally got to me and I’m totally the all wet hair + emo make-up look. But I don’t mind, ’cause I had a really good time at a dinner I had with my sailing camp staff from Aeolus. It was a welcoming dinner for all new volunteers at the foundation. They also told us about different kinds of committees that you could participate in. At first I didn’t thought I would’ve wanted to be active in a committee, but I actually really liked the PR & Acquisition committee. You have to write letters to funds, asking them to donate to Aeolus (by the way, Aeolus is a foundation that organizes sailing camps for special kind of teenagers, that have ADHD or autism for example). I just really like all the people at Aeolus, I think it’s a great cause and it’s also really good for my cv!
I don’t have anything to tell you guys I think, so this is it for today! Talk to you soon!
xoxo Lilia


  1. May 9, 2014 / 09:54

    oh girl I’m in love! You look super cool in this outfit, and that top is just awesome! <3

  2. May 9, 2014 / 16:40

    Hele mooie outfit! Je hebt een hele leuke stijl!

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