Hi guys!
I feel soooo tired, haha. I had prom yesterday and I came home pretty late. It was a prom to celebrate 400 year lustrum of our university in Groningen. There were 9000 people, crazy! I think I’ve never been to such a big party in my life. And it wasn’t even that busy, because they had like 3 different dancefloors and a couple of lounge areas. It was at the Martini Plaza and I had no idea that it was so big. I had a good time at the prom, I mostly chilled with one of my besties. So this outfit is going to be the dress that I wore to Gala Mysteria (that’s how it was called haha, cheesy name). I think it’s kinda useful for some of you who have an upcoming prom as well. Anyways, enjoy!

I’m wearing a dress that I bought previous year from Nelly. I don’t think you can get it anymore unfortunately, ’cause I think it’s perfect! I really love the cut of this dress. I think the high neck looks nice with the open back. It also has a piece of fabric at the back, that hides your bra. This way you don’t have to wear those annoying sticky bra things haha and you can just wear a regular bra! I also think the lace detailing is very pretty. It’s see through at arm and chest area and I think that looks really nice! I wore this dress to my high school graduation party as well, good memories haha! I wanted to buy a different dress for this prom, but I couldn’t find any dress that looked better on me than this one, so I decided to wear it again.
The shoes I’m wearing are from H&M. I love the tan colour of them and the fringe detail. They’re really comfortable, despite having such a high heel. Because of the tan colour, I decided to wear some rose gold jewellery. The earrings are from H&M, the watch is from Michael Kors and I’m also wearing a bracelet from Nelly & Gassan.
I paired this dress with a reversed smokey eye (starting dark at the lid and then go lighter towards the crease) and a nude lipstick. I think it looks sultry (especially with my Sultry lashes from Primark haha) and compliments the dress very well.
I had a great night, and now I’m just gonna chill, edit a video for you guys (yayyy new Youtube vid is coming!) and do some homework. Well I actually have to do a lot of homework, oops. But I just don’t feel like having a die hard study day, if you know what I mean. Anyways, enjoy your friday!
xoxo Lilia


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