Hey guys!
Again, such an amazing day here in Holland. The sun is shining here like crazy, it really feels like summer. Which sucks, ’cause it isn’t really summer here. I still have a lot of exams to go. And studying when it’s good weather outside sucks even harder. So I kinda wanted that it’s still was crappy weather outside. Now I only wanna chill and skate outside. Can’t do that unfortunately. Oh well, hope that it will be there even after the 6th of June, after my last exam.

I’m wearing a minty croptop from H&M that I got recently. I love the colour and the cut of it. My maxiskirt is also from H&M. Funny detail, I actually cut the slit myself. Well, it had a slit to begin with, but I thought it didn’t look nice because it wasn’t deep enough. So yeah, then I just randomly cut the slit deeper and I actually really like the outcome of it! My black monster sandals (yeah now I have 2 pairs) are als from H&M. I think they look so good paired with the maxiskirt! I’m really happy that I have a pair of black chunky sandals now to add to my collection.
Only thing that isn’t from H&M are my bracelets (well a couple of them are actually!) and 2 of the 5 necklaces that I’m wearing (they are rom Brandy Melville and the other one was a gift). Even my rings are from H&M.
Damn, H&M overload or something?! Almost everything that I’m wearing in this outfit is from H&M. I just love their clothes I guess!

I always thought I couldn’t pull of maxiskirts because I was so small. I think the trick to rocking a maxiskirt if you’re petite like me, is that you choose one with a big slit (or make one yourself) and pair it with a ‘small’ top. Usually, maxiskirts are kinda loose, so it’s nice to have a tighter top. It doesn’t have to be tight top actually, it just has to have a tight ‘part’ at the waist. That way the shape of your body is still visible. You can also wear a maxiskirt with an oversized jumper, by just adding a belt or tucking it in your skirt. But we’re not gonna wear sweaters with this amazing weather right?!

I’m off to school now. I’m gonna hear the feedback about an annotation that I wrote previous week. I want a 9/10 so badly, because I lately I haven’t had the best grades (I had a 7/10 for a Honours College presentation… Luckily they only gave a 7 or a 8 and your grades for Honours College won’t be visible at your diploma, so it doesn’t matter that much). I want to finish this year as good as I started it you know. I know I can do this, I just need to get through this!

xoxo Lilia


  1. May 21, 2014 / 20:40

    Leuke outfit! Vind het inderdaad mooi dat die split zo hoog doorloopt! Grappig dat je dat zelf hebt gedaan.

  2. May 23, 2014 / 16:29

    Leuk die split idd! En succes met je examens 🙂

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