As I’m writing this blogpost for you, I’m chilling in my bed, wearing old, ugly clothes, looking like a mess and trying not to freak out over all of the stuff that I need to do for these last weeks. I think this is very relatable for a lot of you guys! But yeah, it needs to be done, ’cause I really want to finish my first year of uni with amazing grades, haha. ‘Cause I definitely need them if I want to become a great criminal defense lawyer some day ;). Anyways, I’m talking about random stuff again, let’s go to the outfit!

In this outfit I wanted to go for the all black errthang look. I’m wearing my Lara Croft tombraider croptop from H&M. I just really think that this croptop looks so similar to the one she wears! You can’t see it very properly because of my hair (too much hair, haha), but I think the neckline of this croptop makes it so similar. The black high waisted shorts are actually thrifted. I found them at the men’s section and they had a really ugly bootleg cut. When I got home I cut them into shorts and studded one of the pockets with gun metal studs. I think they look so cool now, they’re definitely my favourite shorts. And they were only €2,50, for real Levi’s! Definitely my best buy ever haha. To keep with all black theme, I wore my black Nike Janoski’s. I’m also wearing silver cross earrings from Primark, studs from H&M and Primark and a gold earcuff from Forever 21 (all that hair though, you can’t see it haha). And of course my daily armswag!

I wore this outfit 2 days ago actually, and I had a really good skate as well. I really love this minicruiser from Swass, I feel like I’m getting better every time I’m skating. I’m still not that good though, but I’m learning and slowly becoming better at it, so that’s the most important thing right? And I just think it looks really cute with the green deck and the purple wheels, haha.

Looking at this pic I really need to get my tan on. I’m so pale! Too bad that it’s not that sunny outside today. It kinda sucks, ’cause at the moment I’m in Heiloo, so if it was good weather I could just chill in the garden or go to the beach. When I’m in Groningen is way more difficult to just chill outside, ’cause I live near a busy road and I don’t have a garden or something like that. But yeah, luckily I’m almost done with school, so then I’ll have plenty of time to chill in the garden, yay!

Have a great weekend guys, and if you’re busy as fuck just like me, good luck, you can do this!

xoxo Lilia


  1. May 26, 2014 / 09:00

    Wat een heerlijk zomerse outfit. Zo fijn dat het weer kan met dit mooie weer!

    • May 28, 2014 / 22:53

      glad you think that as well and i’m not crazy, haha!

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