YAAAASS I’M WRITING THIS IN CAPITALS, BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS APPROPRIATE, ‘CAUSE MY FUCKING SUMMER HAS STARTED! Okay, sorry for the excitement, but I’m not sorry. ‘Cause you read it right, I don’t have uni anymore! Say goodbye to all the stress and all those sleepless nights (okay maybe not, but not for the same reasons)! I would be the happiest person on earth, if only the exam that I had today was so freaking hard. It was criminal law, my favourite subject, but the questions in the exam were very random and vague. They didn’t make sense at all and not because I didn’t study hard! The questions were just poorly made, you couldn’t understand what the teachers wanted you to do. So annoying… Especially because I want to finish this year suma cum laude, and at the moment I have a 9,1. If I want to end this year with a 9, the minimum grades I need is a 8 and a 9. It’s going to be hard, but please please please, keep your fingers crossed for me!

I actually wore this outfit a long time ago, just after I went to the hairdressers! My hair looks so good here, dayum haha! I need to curl my hair more often. My hair can handle a bit of heat, but I’m just way too lazy to style it. Seeing how good my hair can look when it’s styled I really want to do it more often at home though! But now my summer holidays have started, I think I’ll be able to do it more often :).
I’m wearing a pleather jacket from H&M. Despite the fact it’s not real leather, I think it still looks pretty good! I don’t like the overly fake look of pleather, but I feel like this jacket looks not fake at all. I think because it’s all wrinkly and stuff because it’s so old and I’ve worn it so much, haha. I also love the belt detail and the bottom of it, makes it look way cooler I think!
I paired it with a white croptop with the cut-outs is from Missguided. Yeah, I know, I’ve been wearing it loads, but I don’t have an inifite closet (unfortunately…), so I re-wear my pieces loads. I think the trick is to pair it everytime differently, so that why you do look like you have an infinite wardrobe ;).
To make my outfit even more swaggy, I added a flannel from H&M. I just love the look of a flannel tied around your waist. A little trick if you feel a bit insecure about your too short croptop: just tie the flannel a bit higher and your croptop is instantly not that cropped anymore! I’m also wearing my diy ripped high waisted jeans from H&M. I rolled up the bottom, so you can see my ankles. Really dig the look of that! I topped it with my bordeaux/black Vans that I haven’t worn for ages. I think they look good with this outfit though! I also wore my dainty necklaces from H&M and my daily armswag.
Are you also done with school/uni/work? If not, the end is nearby, I promise you! I’m gonna make dinner now, I talk to you tomorrow, fo sure!
xo Lilia


  1. June 7, 2014 / 09:34

    Ben fan van je broek en plaid! Leuk!

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